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  • Royal Roundup: January 24, 2016

    We’ve had a week full of royal birthday girls, so let’s dive in. The Countess of Wessex celebrated her 51st birthday on January 20th (the photo below is from her 50th  birthday last year). Queen Mathilde of Belgium celebrated her 43rd… Read More ›

  • Marie-Chantal Miller & Prince Pavlos of Greece’s Wedding

    In our last post, we recapped the speculation around Prince Harry and Princess Olympia of Greece and how closely linked the two royal families are (click here for a refresher). Basically, it’s wishful thinking for the time being on the… Read More ›

  • Thoughts on Those Prince Harry and Princess Olympia of Greece Rumours

    In the last few days, Princess Maria-Olympia has been in the news thanks to some highly speculative reports that she and Prince Harry are dating. Let’s discuss. Simply called Olympia by her parents,  she is the only daughter of Prince Pavlos and… Read More ›

  • Not in Front of the Corgis Book Review

    On Christmas morning I was very lucky to discover a delightful royal book in my stocking. It’s called Not In Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains. Written by Brian Hoey, the book gathers all sorts of… Read More ›

  • Royal Roundup for January 16

    Let’s jump right into a round up of royal happenings and news this week: Queen Mathilde of Belgium welcomed Queen Rania of Jordan at the Royal Palace of Brussels earlier this week. Over a private lunch the two Queens discussed… Read More ›

  • The Queen’s Jewel Box: Her First Pearls

    Thanks to Leslie Field who wrote The Queen’s Jewels: The Personal Collection of Elizabeth II (aka the definitive book on the Queen’s massive jewelry collection), we have all sorts of information about when and how the Queen acquired many of her pieces. It… Read More ›