Vivienne Westwood: Royal Pot Stirrer

Vivienne Westwood strikes a poseAs you may have heard, famed British designer Vivienne Westwood has spoken out against the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. She told the Sunday Times Magazine, “It seems to me that her image is “ordinary woman” therefore, High Street shopper. And I just think she should be “extraordinary woman”, wherever she gets her clothes from.”

Back in February of 2011 when Westwood was asked if she was designing Kate’s wedding dress. Her response was especially icy: “I would have loved to have dressed Kate Middleton, but I have to wait until she catches up a bit somewhere with style.”

Ok, so is she just making these comments off the cuff or does she know that saying such things will get her lots of press? My guess is she has an “I don’t give a damn what people think” attitude (displayed to perfection in the picture above) and this isn’t a calculated move on her part. After all, she’s a bit of a kook and made similar comments about Diana when she was alive, and like Kate Diana wasn’t running to her for clothing afterwards. This is something that no reporters seem to have cottoned on to yet.

Westwood told Woman and Home magazine, “The princess isn’t a trendsetter. She’s someone ruled by the trends, which is sad because she’s a stunning woman. I hate her shoes – those horrible little pumps that are neither one thing or the other. It’s as though her clothes are supposed to tell you she’s both a feminist and sexy at the same time. It’s a compromise and it’s doesn’t work.”

Having said that, though, she still said of Diana: “Oh, I’d love to dress her. Perhaps one day she’ll come to me. It would be great for her if she did. You’d see some results. I could maker her the most stylish woman in the world.”

To date, Kate hasn’t been seen wearing Westwood and as far as I can tell Diana never wore Westwood either, at least not publicly. So as I said, these comments clearly didn’t help out Westwood’s cause.

Westwood does have Princess Eugenie in her corner, though, which is quite remarkable after the debacle of the Westwood frock she wore to Kate and William’s wedding in April.

She’s turned things around since then with great Westwood dresses that really flatter her figure. For example, the black gown she wore to the pre-wedding dinner at the Mandarin Oriental on April 18th was gorgeous, as was the black corseted dress she wore to Petra Ecclestone’s wedding. She aslo wore a stunning red gown to Elton JOhn’s red tie and tiara ball.

I think Princess Eugenie may just be the sole British royal that Westwood gets her hands on.

I just can’t see Kate going to her anytime soon, especially after her rather rude comments and also since Westwood is now Eugenie’s go to designer.

What do you think?


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  1. The red dress is GORGEOUS. Eugenie definitely needs the right person to dress her, especially since I get the feeling she’s rather shy. She’s so pretty though, has some of the best features of both Fergie and Andy.


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