Chance Royal Meeting: Peter Middleton and Prince Philip

via The Daily Mail

There are a few chance Royal meetings that were captured on film and that proved to be somewhat prophetic. This picture illustrates on of my favourites.

On the left hand side we have Peter Middleton, Kate’s grandfather, and on the left we have Prince William’s grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh. This picture was taken in 1962 when they returned from a two month long mission to South America. How much their paths crossed during that time is not publicly known, but we just love that we have a picture of this. Can’t help but wonder how shocked Peter Middleton would have been to know that in 2011 their grandchildren would get married.

Sadly, Peter Middleton passed away shortly before William and Kate announced their engagement, which is why the engagement was delayed until November 16,2011 (the couple became engaged on October 20th during a trip to Kenya). We can only hope he was let into this secret before he passed away.

To read more about the Middleton family and how things have changed for them since The Wedding, click here!


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