Grace Kelly’s Titles

We know that Grace Kelly became Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco when she married Prince Ranier in April of 1956 (click here to read our post about the first time they met), but did you also know she acquired oodles of other titles at the same time?

As the head of the House of Grimaldi and Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Prince Ranier held more than 130 hereditary titles, so naturally Grace did as well upon their marriage. These titles were inherited by their son Prince Albert, so Princess Charlene has quite the collection of titles as well. The titles are very rarely used but include:

Duke of Valentinois: This title dates back to 1498 and is originally from the French nobility. The holder had control over the Duchy of Valentinois, an area of Southeastern France.

Duke of Estouteville: This title was created in 1537 by King Francis I of France. The title came to the the Grimaldi family through the marriage of the Duke of Estouteville to Princess Louise Grimaldi in 1715.

Marquis of Baux: This title comes from the French town of Les Baux in Provence and is held by the sovereign prince of Monaco unless he has a male heir. As Prince Albert does not yet have a legitimate male heir, he still holds this title.

I wonder if Prince Albert can list of all of the titles in their entirety. That would be a fun game for a rainy day…


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