What are your favourite royal wedding dresses? Here are ours…

What could be more fun than having a good look at the most gorgeous royal wedding dresses? We’ve rounded up our top ten favourites and would love which one you love the most.Disclaimer: We didn’t include the gowns of Lady Diana Spencer or Sarah Ferguson, just because…well, we just couldn’t imagine wearing either. In our opinion, the dresses that made the cut are still timeless and gorgeous so they made the cut.

If you disagree with our choices, please add your vote to the poll and sound off in the comments! All right, let’s get started:

10. Lady Sarah Chatto, London, July 1994

Via Fashionista.com

It feels wrong to have this gorgeous dress down at the end of the list but someone had to be #10. Lady Sarah Chatto (nee Armstrong-Jones) is the late Princess Margaret’s daughter and therefore the Queen’s niece. She was also one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in 1981. When we first saw pictures of Sarah in this Jasper Conran designed dress back in 1994, it just seemed so ladylike and perfect. 17 years later it still looks timeless. We love the square neck, sheer sleeves, and drape of the fabric.  And how lovely are the matching bridesmaids dresses? the corsetry and fastenings up the back are stunning.

9. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, London, 1960

Via The Telegraph

Lady Sarah’s mother Princess Margaret was a true knock out in this gown when she married Antony Armstrong-Jones in May of 1960 at Westminister Abbey. The dress was designed by the Norman Hartnell. In 1933 when Princess Margaret’s son David Linley married the Hon. Serena Stanhope, Stanhope hired Bruce Robbins to design the dress and  took Margaret’s gown as inspiration. We love the sentiment but with all that exposed tulle the end result is just too pouffy in our minds. Above the waist, however, it looks gorgeous. We also aren’t too sure about the hair:

via The Telegraph

8. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Stockholm, June 2010

Via Hello

Crown Princess Victoria looked radiant in this duchess satin gown designed by Par Engsheden. This train measures just under five meters long and the veil, which was first worn by Princess Sybilla in 1932, just about matches the length of the train (love that!). Princess Victoria wore the the Cameo tiara, which dates back to 1809 and is believed to have been a gift from Napolean to Josephine. It is also the same tiara that Princess Victoria’s mother, Queen Sofia, wore on her wedding day exactly 34 years before (to the day!). We love the sentiment behind wearing such a historic and meaningful piece, but it just…doesn’t do a lot for the dress, let’s say. Diamonds would just set it off so much better…We’re going to go out on a limb here and bet that when the time comes, Princess Madeleine will forgo wearing this tiara.

7. Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Brussels, December 1999

Via Traditioninaction.org

What makes this dress stand out for us is the stand up collar on the coat dress; it really highlights Princess Mathilde’s cheekbones. We also love how the overcoat of the dress looks so classy and yet appropriate. Remember, it was a winter wedding! The dress was designed by Edouard Vermeule of Natan. The ensemble also featured a gorgeous heirloom lace veil that dates back to 1877.

6. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands,  Amsterdam, February 2002

-via Hello

And here we have another winter wedding! This dress is seasonally appropriate and gorgeous in its simplicity. The gown was designed by none other than Valentino himself. We just love the length of the sleeves, the upturned neck, and how the skirt just grazes the floor just so. Because the dress is so simple, Maxima could really add a lot of style with the ornate veil and tiara. Love.

5. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, May 2004

Via Hello

Here is another simple but totally gorgeous gown. The Dress was designed by Danish designer Uffe Frank and must have taken quite a lot of time to get just right. The rounded neckline and sleeve length are so flattering, and the folds of the skirt adds some drama and visual interest. Fun fact: in a nod to her Australian heritage, Mary’s bouquet included Australian eucalyptus.

4. Crown Princess Letizia of Spain, Madrid, May 2004

via NickVerreos.blogspot.com

Just two weeks after Princess Mary and Prince Frederik’s wedding, Princess Letizia got married in this show stopper designed by Manuel Pertegaz. We have to wonder if Princess Letizia took inspiration from another Catholic Royal Wedding: Princess Mathilde’s (Dress #7).  For us, the upturned embroidered collar makes the dress. With a 4.5 meter train and long veil, the overall look is so regal and appropriate.

3. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Oslo, August 2001

Now this dress seems to us to be the souped-up, taken to the max version of Lady Sarah Chatto’s (#10). It was inspired by Queen Maude’s gown, however, and was designed by Norwegian designer Ove Harder Finseth. The beautiful drape of the silk crepe and tulle is dreamy. We had to include this picture as well to show what a gossamer effect the fabric has, especially when paired with the veil:

Via PrincessLives.blogspot.com

We also LOVE the unique bouquet. That’s our number one favourite royal bouquet right there!

2. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, London, April 2011

via The Daily Mail

Well, we all know this one. When having lunch at the Berkley hotel in London with Camilla, Kate was reportedly overheard talking about how much she loved Princess Grace’s dress so we had a hint that this was coming. Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, this dress has an enormous amount of detail that just can’t be entirely captured on camera. We’ve had the good fortune of seeing the dress for ourselves at Buckingham Palace, and have to tell you – there is so much more lace involved than meets the eye. Take a good look at the bustle, for example. Gorgeous!

via The Royal Collection

1. Princess Grace of Monaco, April 1956

via Life

Kate seems to agree with us that this is the number one dress. It’s a tough one to beat. Designed by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, this gown was the studio’s wedding gift to the new Princess Grace. According to Life, the gown was completed in six short weeks thanks to the hard work of 36 seamstresses. We’ve also seen this gown in person and were struck by how tiny and delicate the sleeves are. The lace has started to colour with age but it is certainly a timeless beauty.

So now it’s your turn! Let us know what your favourite is here:

Just because we can, we also had to include this picture of the opulent wedding dress of Sophia Magdalena of Denmark, Queen of Sweden.

Via Butterfunk.com

The future Queen of Sweden wore this gown when she married Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden in November of 1766 . Her life was interesting to say the least and will be the subject of a future post.


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21 replies

  1. I love your candid and rather humourous comments…bring on some more…and what about a blog on Royal Mother of the Bride dresses?

  2. Love your choice of Lady Sarah Chatto’s. However, I strongly (and respectfully, of course!) disagree with the absence of Diana Spencer’s. I saw both Kate’s and Diana’s at BP in their respective days and thought both lovely. But Diana’s was pure fairy tale magic – BP had ironed out the creases! – and Diana’s was iconic; she influenced over a decade’s worth of bridal gowns. (See Mariah Carey’s wedding to Tommy Mottola – an exact copy, but in satin.) Kate’s has had no impact on bridal fashion; it’s still stuck in boring, awful strapless dresses!!! (I wish it had had more influence.) Nordstrom could not sell the imitations it offered, but apparently Pippa’s dress was popular for more casual weddings! (On a side note, I also saw Sarah York’s at BP in 1986 – and the less said about it, the better 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work; I so enjoy your posts and you always manage to come up with info no one else has available!

  3. Thanks for finally writing about >What are your favourite royal wedding dresses?
    Here are ours The Royal Post <Loved it!

  4. There is an error in the post about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Victoria’s mother is Queen Silvia not Queen Sofia.

    I love lace on wedding dresses, especially all lace wedding gowns, but for some unknown reason I am always drawn to dresses like Sarah Chatto’s, Mette-Marit’s and Victoria’s which have no lace. There is something about that sleek whiteness with no frills that I truly love. There is another dress that I adore and that is Princess Anne’s dress when she married Mark Phillips. The sleeves on that dress are gorgeous. Reminds me of medieval times. I know there are some who don’t like that style but I do. It is totally different than all the other royal bridal dresses, which is so typical of Anne. If I listed my top ten royal bridal dresses, Anne’s would be at the top of my list. Another dress that was not on your list but it would definitely be on my list of top ten is Charlene of Monaco’s dress. It is gorgeous.

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