The Future of Princess Beatrice ~ Part Two

Princess Beatrice at Ascot, 2011 ~ Picture Via Coolspotters

Continuing on from our previous post (click here for a refresher), we’ll discuss what Bea will do now that she’s graduated from uni. for the last few decades, the Royal family has faced increasing criticism. It has been reported that Prince Charles is hoping to streamline the royal family somewhat, and only have the most senior members of the royal family work as full time royals.

The Royal Family at Trooping the Colour 2011, Picture Via SocialiteLife

Currently, this includes The Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, the Countess of Wessex, Prince William (part time now and full time in 2013), the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry (part time for the foreseeable future) and a smattering of Gloucesters and Kents.

Of course, in the next fifteen to twenty years many of the above will be slowing down and taking on less of the royal load, so to speak. So, the question is, would Beatrice and Eugenie ever become fulltime working Royals? It seems Prince Andrew would like to see that, but the way the Royal family is going does not indicate that this is likely.

Lady Louise (front, with Edward) and Princess Beatrice (far right) 2010. Picture Via Zimbio

When the Queen’s third son, Edward became a father, it was announced that his daughter Louise would not be known as HRH Princess Louise (as Beatrice and Eugenie were titled) but rather as the daughter of an Earl – Lady Louise. The reasoning for this was so that Lady Louise could grow up to live a relatively ‘normal’ live – i.e. get a job and not live off the civil list or other income via the Royal Family. Certainly she will have a trust fund and various inheritances, but she will also be expected to embark on a career of some sort as well, in the manner of Peter and Zara Philips.

On the day of Beatrice’s graduation, the Daily Mail reported that a Buckingham Palace spokesman said,

‘Princess Beatrice will, over the coming months, broaden her knowledge and experience to complement her position as a Member of the Royal Family. This will involve undertaking a number of internships to develop her experience, particularly in business and philanthropy. She will also continue to be involved with her existing charitable interests and look to progress this work into other relevant areas.’

 The Daily Mail continued to report that Palace officials insist that,

Beatrice will eventually look for full-time employment – but are unable to put a timescale on her plans. The Palace also declined to state whether or not she would become a fulltime working royal.

So…time will tell. Of course, it should also be said that we (the public) have no idea what Beatrice’s personal desires are. We expect she is probably still figuring things out.

Beatrice and Eugenie, 2010. Picture Via Marie Claire.

If we had to make a prediction, we would say that Beatrice will, after an exploratory year or two, embark on some permanent employment for a couple of years, while also making a few royal appearances here and there (at Trooping the Colour, for instance, and with Children in Crisis, one of her mother’s charities). We think that she will also marry her boyfriend in the next three to four years (more on Smiley Dave in another post!), have kids and then focus on charity work, and not necessarily be an official full-time working royal.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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