One of Our Favourite Diana Looks – Sweatshirts and Baseball Caps

One of the looks Diana favoured over the years was her off-duty wear: a sweatshirt (often with the logo of one of her favourite charities), a baseball cap (often with military associations), some jeans, and, on a good day, this was all topped off with a pair of boots.

It may look dated now (Princess Diana wore Mom Jeans!), but we still looove this look.  It’s such a wonderful contrast to the tailored, stiff outfits we usually saw her in and she looks so relaxed and comfy.

She would wear this to polo, at Highgrove, or the school run. Do we spy a wee Harry below running up the steps?

This picture was taken in the later years and Diana’s got her serious “I’m not in the mood to have my picture taken” look on:

This is an all time favourite, right here. The sly “I know you’re taking my picture and I look cute and fabulous” look is priceless. And she does look cute and fabulous! Even though the outfit, when you think about it, is pretty crazy…What kind of pants are those?? And wow, she sure had a lot of boots in her closet!


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