Royal “Whoops” Moments

We all have these “whoops” moments that we wish we could just erase and “do over.” For these Royal ladies these moments were caught on film for posterity. However, they all took it in their stride.

The Dreaded Heel-Caught-in-a-Crack Situation…

Here’s Crown Princess Mary of Denmark during a visit to Arlington Cemetary. She and Prince Frederik spent five days in Washington, DC in June of 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Danish embassy there. Of all the events and places this couple visited, this moment is pretty much all we remember. Mary’s hat and slimline dress make this a perfect and timeless princess outfit…and this little whoops moment just makes her seem more normal:

In this moment she must be thinking “Oh, *#%!!

Good recovery. That’s Prince Frederik with his arms crossed, he seems to just be cottoning on…good thing the other fellow was there!

The Wind & The Royals

The Queen isn’t immune to this sort of thing either. Here she is hanging on to her hat as she arrives at Prince William’s RAF base in Wales for a visit this past spring. There’s Prince Philip watching her struggle and not being particularly helpful…

And, oh dear, it wasn’t quite over yet:

Relief!! Made it inside where it’s nice and calm:

Princess Eugenie also almost had a moment with the wind. This picture was taken at The Young Victoria premiere in 2008. Cute dress. Shame about the draft!

And we already talked about Kate’s “dress in the wind stress” moment when she and William arrived in Calgary this past July here. She, too, handled this well we thought. We know for sure we won’t be seeing her wear this dress under such windy conditions every again.This is why Princess Diana had weights sewn into her skirts. Seriously.

Camilla Trapped by an Umbrella

This umbrella trapping incident happened to Camilla in Wiltshire on a visit to a children’s centre in February of 2011. Hasn’t this happened to each of us at some point or another? Camilla’s a good sport, I’m sure she took it in her stride.

Here’s to grace under pressure!


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  1. The captured view of Kate’s backside was a lot more than what is shown above. ;o)

    Much more tasteful is what you’ve shown however.


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