Was Kate readying her Princess Wardrobe?

We have admired Kate Middleton’s style for years, and she has a lovely wardobe indeed. Something we have been wondering about for a few years is…..did she ready her Princess Wardrobe in anticipation of when she would need an array of frocks for official events? We think so. And why not? We would have done the same thing!

Bear in mind that back in 2007 before Kate and William broke up, she reportedly told colleagues at Jigsaw that an engagement was imminent. And Kate seems to be a planner. And when she left Jigsaw in 2008 it was, according to Jigsaw Owner Belle Robinson, because Kate needed ‘some time to herself’. Before her life would change drastically perhaps? And why not?

To make our case, let’s review her outfits at official appearances in between the November engagement announcement and The Wedding in April….

Kate wears a Reiss dress purchased in 2008. Photo by Mario Testino. 1. Official Engagement Portrait, released in December 2010. 

Kate wore this white Reiss dress from the 2008 collection (later reissued in January 2011 due to huge demand). Did she see this back in 2008 and think, “this will really come in handy one day”? This is the same dress worn again in Ottawa on Canada Day in July 2011 so it really did. When we first saw these official photos we initially thought the dress was Valentino. How refreshing for Kate to wear Reiss in this momentous photo. It hits just the right note. 

Here is Kate on Canada Day in Ottawa wearing the dress again. Full marks to Kate for wearing the Canadian colors and a full on specially made maple leaf hat. Truly. She really made an effort here. But, man, there is just too much going on. The hat, the necklace, the ruffle, the expose zipper, the clutch, the red pumps (which you can’t see here, but trust us, they were very Princess Diana on a Royal Tour of Japan circa 1986)…just too much. Without the necklace and with a simple clutch and less matchy matchy shoes we think this outfit would have been more of a knockout. But again, kudos to Kate for effort and for bringing out a ‘pre-princess dress.’

via The Daily Mail

First Official Royal Engagement. Via The Telegraph.

2. First Official Royal Engagement in Anglesey, February 2011.

Kate was first seen in this Katherine Hooker coat (at a longer length) at Cheltenham in 2006 (see below). We love this coat! An oldie and a goodie! Great that she could get more wear out of it by shortening it, especially since these coats are rather pricey.

Kate at Cheltenham, 2006. Via The Daily Mail.



Kate in a red Luisa Spagnoli suit in Feb 2011. Via Harpers Bazaar.

3. St. Andrews University, February 2011.

Kate wore this red Luisa Spagnoli suit to her second official engagement. It is believed to have been newly purchased in Knightsbridge for the occassion. (Please let us know in the comments if we are mistaken!) Kate wore red in honour of St. Andrews’ colors and wore a black turtleneck for warmth so she wouldn’t have to cover up the cute suit with a jacket (like she did later that day, see below). Very appropriate. She did get a bit of flack for dressing older than her years, but we disagree. What was she supposed to show up in? A trendy leather coat and leggings? Come on.

In 2011. Via Popsugar.

4. Signing New Zealand condolence book, February 2011.

Later that day after visiting St. Andrews, Kate went with Harry and Wiliam to sign the condolence book for the victims of the New Zealand earthquake. Kate was previously seen wearing this coat in 2008 to AFRIKA AFRIKA in London (see bellow). A good, classic wardrobe staple black coat. 

Kate in the same coat in 2008. Via Elle.co.uk.

Tossing a pancake. As you do.









 5. Belfast, March 2011.

New Burberry coat. Love it. The ruffle makes it more fun and relaxed than the traditional trench and it looks like she has accessorized with a lovely scarf, just barely visible by the collar. We love a good scarf!This is a great way to incorporate British style and we’ll surely see this coat a lot in the future. Wish we could see what dress or skirt/top ensemble she had underneath.






Via Zimbio

6. Darwen Aldridge Community AcademyApril 2011.

Kate wore this Amanda Wakeley suit from the 2007 collection (as reported on the WhatKateWore.com site) for the opening of the Darwen Academy (and last official appearance before The Wedding). Very elegant and princess perfect. But let’s think a moment…in 2007 Kate was 25 and working for Jigsaw…if not for possible future Royal events, how many occasions would she have had for this ensemble? Maybe for some sort of private occasion at Highgrove House?

Kate also wore this suit in the official portrait for her and William’s official tour to Canada and California (below).

Canada 2011 Royal Tour Official Portrait

So, there you have it. Out of six official appearances, Kate was seen in four outfits that were purchased prior to the engagement. And yes, some of them (the black coat) were wardrobe staples that many ladies would have in their closets. But a few were purchased long before the engagement and we have to wonder, was she carefully stockpiling her wardobe over the years with a selection of appropriate outfits for When The Time Came? Again, we would have done the same thing!

In anticipation of the next official Kate appearance coming up on September 29th at the Royal Marsden Hospital, we’ll look at some of Kate’s outfits since The Wedding, tomorrow. And on Wednesday, we’ll post our predictions!

See you then!


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  1. Very astute, obviously you authors know what you are talking about!

  2. Astute indeed! Makes for great reading. Thank you.


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