A Review of Kate’s Official Engagement Outfits – Part Two

Continuing on from yesterdays post (click here for a refresher), we will now review the rest of Kate’s UK public appearances since her wedding.

8) Wimbledon, June 2011.

During Kate and William’s tour of North America, Kate was asked by a child in Los Angeles what her favorite color was. Kate replied that she liked white. That certainly is evident when it comes to her clothing! Kate wore this new gorgeous tennis-y, white Temperley London dress to Wimbledon over the summer. This is another label that Kate likely has a working relationship with. Her sister, Pippa, famously wore a custom green Temperley dress for the wedding dinner at Buckingham Palace and recently sat in the front row of Temperley’s show at London Fashion Week.

This outing was also the second time Kate publicly wore the sapphire and diamond drop earrings. Here’s a better view:

via The Daily Mail

Here are the earrings on Diana before they were made into drops:

9) Royal Wedding Dress Exhibit at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, July 2011.

Kate brought out another new dress for Kate. She’s wearing a lovely cream Joseph dress from the then-current collection. If you haven’t seen any yet, there are a number of hilarious videos of the Queen commenting on the dress display. Poor Kate was trying to keep things nice and on an even keel, no doubt so as not to humiliate the curator, but the Queen really went for it calling the display of the headless wedding dress wearing mannequin “horrid”.

10) Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall Pre-Wedding Event, July 2011.

We'd love to know the joke!

This is the second UK appearance repeat for Kate since the wedding (as noted in Part One, these posts are not including the Royal Tour to Canada and California). This Diane von Furstenberg dress was first seen in Los Angeles and was the perfect choice for the cocktail party aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. We love that she is so relaxed and not wearing something that would draw attention away from the bride.

11) Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall Wedding, July 2011.

The new part of this dress is the hat. And what a hat it is! The hat was created by milliner Gina Foster. The hat was available off the peg in navy, but Kate requested it be made in this straw colour to match her coat.

The coat is by Malene Birger and it, along with the lace dress she is wearing underneath, have been worn to two previous weddings – Laura Parker Bowles’ in 2006 and friend Oli Barker’s in 2010.

Here she is at Laura’s wedding in 2006:

And at Oli’s. Not sure the black hat really goes but she is trying to mix it up!:

She also wore the dress at a book launch in 2007 (during the break up phase which explains the rather sad look on her face). Here’s a shot of the lovely lace dress from that appearance:

12) Post-Riot Visit to Birmingham, August 2011.

Another military inspired Alexander McQueen ensemble made an appearance – Kate’s fifth McQueen ensemble since her wedding day (she must have had so much fun picking them all out!). On the day of this engagement, this outfit was available on Net-a-Porter.

Overall, this outfit was a bit of a miss we have to say. Kate looks polished and professional, but the outfits just seems like a bit much and out of place (Birmingham is not a coastal city!). As soon as we saw the pics we thought this might be the first bit of criticism Kate will get from the media since the wedding. There was a bit of criticism for wearing such an expensive outfit to the riot scene, but for the most part the media is still being kind to Kate and long may that last.

So, that sums it up folks – twelve official Royal-related public appearances in the UK since the wedding…with mostly new outfits and a smattering of old favourites (three repeats in the UK, to be exact).

What will it be on Thursday when William and Kate visit the Royal Marsden Hospital? We will post our predictions later today – stay tuned!


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