Predictions for Kate’s Outfit Tomorrow at the Royal Marsden Hospital

We’ve had a lot of fun over the last few days reviewing Kate’s official UK outfits since her engagement to Prince William. If you missed those posts, click here for Part One and here for Part Two.

William and Kate’s visit to the Royal Marsen Hospital tomorrow will be Kate’s 13th official appearance in the UK since the wedding (not that we’re counting or anything). William has taken on the role of president of the hospital, a post his mother used to fill, so this is a significant outing for the couple. William and Kate will open a new cancer unit and meet patients.

To have some fun, we’ve made a few predictions for what Kate might be seen in tomorrow.

Repeat Prediction 1: Black Polka Dot Skirt Suit

Since Kate had a tiny bit of criticism for wearing pricey McQueen to the Birmingham post-riots engagement in August and because she has been wearing a lot of new outfits since the wedding, she may decide to wear a demure suit or dress from her existing wardrobe. This would certainly be an outfit on the more formal side, but Kate sure does like her skirt suits so she might just pull this out.

We haven’t seen this outfit since the royal engagement; Kate wore this black with white polka dots skirt suit when she attended the Order of the Garter ceremony in 2008 (When William was made the 1000th knight in the Order). She also wore this suit on a trip to Dublin in 2007, when she went with her mother to an art show (see below).

Repeat Prediction 2: Grey Catherine Walker dress

Kate wore this grey Catherine Walker dress in July in Ottawa, Canada. We first talked about this dress here. We think it would be appropriate since it’s demure enough for a hospital, is appropriate for September (and London is expecting an uncharacteristic heat wave this week), and it would be a nod to Diana who, as we mentioned, was once President of the Royal Marsden Hospital and who wore Catherine Walker more than any other designer. The one downside is that Kate did wear this very recently, so she may wait awhile yet to repeat this dress.

New Outfit Predictions

Alternatively, since she has designers throwing themselves at her to wear their pieces and she is continuing to build the wardrobe of a working royal, she very well may wear something new. In fact, we’re pretty sure that she will.

#1 New Prediction: A Cheerful “Caring” Dress

Diana liked to wear dresses in cheerful colors to help brighten up the often bleak hospitals she visited. For example, Diana wore this purple, flowery number by Belville Sassoon to charities and hospitals so much over the years that it was dubbed the “Caring Dress.” In fact, it may very well be one of the most frequently seen dresses from Diana’s closet. Perhaps Kate will follow suit and will show up in a new, cheerful frock as well.

Something like this See by Chloe floral print dress would be lovely – and it’s available at Harvey Nichols which is just around the corner from Kensington Palace. Kate’s been known to shop at Harvey Nichols via their personal shopping service, particularly in the lead up to the Canada tour. She could pair it with a blazer for warmth to help pump up the “professional working royal” factor:

Or this one! Kate does like a structured dress and this would be great with her colouring. This dress is by Tibi:

#2 New Prediction:  Melene Birger

How about this colourful and respectful number?

#3 New Prediction: Kate’s New Pieces from Topshop (but hopefully one or the other…NOT together)

If you haven’t read the great story about Kate’s visit to Topshop the other night witnessed by none other than the writer of, click here. While there, Kate bought this skirt (in teal) and jacket, along with a pair of gold coloured earrings that aren’t currently available online:

So they don’t exactly go together, but apart would be rather appropriate for a hospital visit, no?
 And that skirt is VERY similar to our the Order of the Garter skirt (Repeat Prediction #1 above). It also reminds us of Diana at Ascot back in the ’80’s (although we know Diana wore thousands of outfits, so we try to stay away from comparisons).

Or perhaps Kate will go in another direction entirely and pop out in a new designer outfit just like she did over the weekend. We don’t think Kate will bring out another McQueen; we’ve seen her in four McQueen outfits at engagements since the wedding and it’s time to mix it up a bit. Same goes for Issa – the label is lovely but doesn’t quite scream “visiting sick children.” And you already know how we feel about Vivienne Westwood. Here are a few British designers we may see:

#1 Catherine Walker

Again, because it would be a nod to Diana, and because Catherine Walker designs are demure and appropriate for visiting a hospital. Quite like the grey jacket on the far right with the stand up colour…and a cute dress could go under it, and as long as someone could take care of Kate’s coat after she took it off when touring the hospital, we’d get to see basically two outfits in one. We’re sure that could be arranged:

This is slightly off topic, but we’d love to see Kate in something like the peach number on the far left. Perhaps not for this, but for a party or cocktail occasion. It’s so young and fresh!

#2 Katherine Hooker

Apparently Kate was wearing her Katherine Hooker coat when she was in Topshop the other night. Maybe she’s purchased a new one lately?

Love this purple number from the winter collection:

#3 Stella McCartney

She’s British! And stylish. And did we mention she’s British? Kate has just been pictured in one Stella McCartney dress that we know of…time for another one!

Here she is leaving Prince Philip’s birthday dinner in a McCartney dress she bought on sale:

Maybe something like this would do (with the appropriate undergarments, of course, and a slightly more structured sleeve). We know Kate likes navy!

Any other guesses before the engagement??

We’ll post as soon as possible tomorrow! See you then!


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