UPDATED:The Royal Marsden Hospital Visit!

So today was the hottest end of September day since 1895 in London, so William and Kate had to keep cool for this engagement. The couple arrived together, William rather tuckered out, but more on that later.

The Dress

Kate opted for a demure, fresh looking dress but alas it wasn’t one of the ones we predicted. It was neutral coloured with three quarter length sleeves and a high neck. Kate looks very nice but this sure is a rather ho-hum look. She was probably going for that, though because wants to be taken seriously and not just talked about for what she is wearing. It must get a little embarrassing. That is precisely the reason that there is NO WAY Kate will be appearing on the cover of Vogue anytime soon, at least not for years and year. Princess Diana did pose for Vogue during her engagement and quickly earned the reputation of a clotheshorse, something that Kate is trying to avoid. Kate knows she has some royal credibility to attain here and the sooner that happens the better! It would be fun if she did, but we get why she isn’t. Here’s Diana’s first of four Vogue covers wearing some borrowed bling from :

Anyway, sorry, we got totally sidetracked there. Back to the dress! At first glance, it looks like the Malene Birger she wore in Yellowknife the day William played street hockey….

But the fabric looks a little different and there is no belt on the one she wore today. It has a similar silhouette to the Joseph dress she wore to visit The Dress with the Queen. She really likes three quarter sleeves!

But alas that’s not it, either. Here she is with William today arriving as the sun shines in London:

Another look. William does this hand gesture a lot…quite sweet:

So it looks like it could be a little number from British designer Amanda Wakely, as pointed out by the astute observers at WhatKateWore and Kates-Wardrobe. Click here to see the dress on the company website.

UPDATE: Wakeley later tweeted that Kate also purchased this dress in Black and Gunmental. It does seem like the perfect dress to have on hand for visits to Balmoral, Sandringham, or Highgrove, or for those meetings she’s been taking to get integrated into her royal role.

Princess Diana also wore Amanda Wakely so it’s a rather appropriate choice considering that Diana was once the president of the Royal Marsden Hospital, a post that Prince William has filled since 2007. Here she is in one of her suits:

And here’s Kate wearing Amanda Wakely back in April. This suit was from a 2007 collections and as we pointed out the other day could have been in Kate’s mind for future royal engagement when she bought it (click here for a refresher):

The Shoes

For the engagement today, Kate wore her fave sledge LK Bennet shoes (surprise!). She also wore them when she and Kate arrived in Calgary (pic below)…

The Clutch

For the engagement, Kate carried a boxy gold clutch which looks like the LK Bennet Natalie bag. The bag features a woven straw exterior and is available on the company website for 90 pounds as of the writing of this post. Click here to be directed to that site. Kate also carried this bag when she and William arrived in Calgary:


As for her jewelry, We wish Kate had worn a fun, long necklace to give this dress a bit more pop! For today she chose her diamond cross which we last saw at the Royal Order of the Garter and during the Los Angeles portion of the North American tour:

Here it is at the Royal Order of the Garter. Kate certainly does like neutral tones, doesn’t she? She wasn’t lying when she said her favourite colour was white:

And in Los Angeles:

In any event, it sounds like it was a very succesful visit and included a visit with Alice Marples, a 12 year old cancer patient who had met William before but hoped to meet Kate. And kudos go to Prince William for showing up despite having a 24 hour shift right before in which he took part in two missions. What a prince!

Kate was already in London as we know from being spotted heading into her hair salon (it does look a tad shorter, doesn’t it?) and shopping at Top Shop. She must have also had a few meetings in preparation for her royal role which must have brought her to town. No doubt they will head back to Wales in the next day or two.

Update: Here is a charming picture from the visit:

And getting cozy for a chat:

And Kate greeting the crowds on the way out:

Well done, William and Kate!


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