UPDATED: Boodles Boxing Ball

Hello All! Happy Monday! Today marks our one month anniversary of the Royal Post! Thanks for coming by!

Let’s take a look at the Boodles Boxing Ball, which took place on Saturday, October 1st at the Park Plaza Hotel in London. In attendance: Pippa, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and a smattering of other royal friends including Chelsy Davy.

The Boodles Boxing Ball is an annual event, which raises money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust (and is sponsored by Boodles, a British jeweller). And yes, there is boxing involved. With just sounds bizarre and painful.

Anyhow, there was no sign of William and Kate, and although we would have loved to have seen them, we think it’s a smart move to be selective about their ‘glamourous’ public appearances while they are not yet full time working royals and still forming a strategy for Kate’s  royal role. While this is certainly a good cause, Kate doesn’t want to be associated just with these sort of evening events; there needs to be a lot of ‘mucking in’ first to balance out the glamourous events and they did attend both the Ark Gala in June and the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July. Plus, William is hard at work in Wales and it would have likely been too much to come back again for this event so soon after the Royal Marsden Hospital Visit.

William and Kate attended the Boodles Ball in in 2006 and 2008. In 2008, Kate wore a pink Issa gown and in 2006 she chose a blue BCBG gown. We haven’t seen either gown again publicly since. The blue one is looking quite dated in our opinion (though it was cute in it’s day), but we hope to see the pink one again. So flattering:

Kate at the Boodles Boxing Ball in 2008 (left) and 2006 (right) via People MagazineThis year, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were in attendance. Eugenie wore the  black dress she wore to Holly Branson’s engagement party back in April. It looks great on her.

Princess Eugenie, Via The Daily Mail

Princess Beatrice Via The Daily Mail

Not so sure about Beatrice’s print, but look at those shoes! Sparkly Louboutins!

And here we have Pippa:

Pippa Via Just Jared

Pippa showed up with Alex Loudon and brother James Middleton in a down to there red dress, said to be by favourite  designer Temperly. It’s very vavavoom but why not get away with that while you can? As for accessories, we were hoping Pippa might bring out the Robinson Pelham earrings tonight that she wore at Will and Kate’s wedding, but no luck! Hmmm….wonder when we will see those again? Seriously, when you can wear those why the HECK would you wear anything else?

Here’s a pic of the earrings:

And here is James arriving ahead of Pippa:

James Middleton Via Royal Dish

And, finaly we have Chelsy Davy. Even though she’s no longer dating Prince Harry, we wanted to include her since she’s a fun one to watch and well, she and Harry have broken up before, so who knows. She could very well be back in the royal fold again.

Chelsy chose to wear the same Alberta Ferretti couture gown that the she wore to William and Kate’s post-wedding ‘family and friends’ dinner reception at Buckingham Palace.  The designer made this dress especially for Chelsy for the wedding dinner. It’s nice that she could wear it again so soon:

Chelsy Davy. Boodles Boxing Ball Via The Daily Mail

And here it is from behind:

Chelsy Davy at Boodles BoxingBall 2011 Via Entertainment Wise

Here’s a sketch of Ferretti’s design of the dress, which was released by the designer at the time of the Royal wedding:

We love the blue, and thinks she looks GREAT! The blue dress was a big success on the night of the Royal Wedding as well, especially after the green number for the ceremony not turning out so well!

Just for fun, here she is with the York girls on the wedding day, cozy in the middle:

Join us tomorrow for a look at a very special tiara…one of our favourite topics!


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  1. Great post. Pippa’s dress is my favourite!


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