Our Favourite Kate Quotes

Ok, so we haven’t heard Kate speak in public all that much and we understand why it will be a while until we do. Prior to the William and Kate’s North American tour, their Private Secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton said that Kate would not be speaking publicly. He said,  “There is a time and a place to choose to sensibly introduce yourself to the role of public speaking. When she feels comfortable to do that [she will].” This is all part of the strategy that has been carefully worked out for Kate’s introduction to Royal Life that we are seeing unfold, so, in the meantime,  here are a few of our favourite Kate quotes.

#5. “There’s a 3 D effect

This was Kate’s oh so diplomatic response to the Queen when the Her Majesty called the wedding dress display at Buckingham Palace (click on the link to see our favourite wedding dresses) “horrid” and “creepy”. Does this 3 D comment make sense? Not really. But what was she supposed to say? We’ve got to give Kate full marks for trying. She was dealing with a crabby Queen (on their way down the corridor to the exhibit she is overheard saying something like, “you’ve already seen this, so you don’t want to see it again do you?”) and she obviously didn’t want to be rude or hurtful to the  exhibit’s curator, something that the Queen didn’t seem too concerned about. Kate made a real effort for this outing and had her hair done and put on a new dress (quite different from the dress she was wearing when she first met the Queen-click here to see). We can all relate to this quote and being in rather desperate straights having to think of a quick response. Well done, Kate.

via MSNBC.com

#4 “By far the best dressing up outfit I ever had was a wonderful pair of clown dungarees, which my Granny made. They were white with big red spots and she used a small hula hoop for the waistband — genius!

This is an excerpt from an interview with Kate posted on the Party Pieces website in March of 2010. It was pulled down pretty quickly, no doubt due to concerns that Kate was using her celebrity to promote her family’s business (click on the link for more on the Middletons) while still trying to be a private citizen. It’s true you can’t have it both ways. Similarly, this picture was posted on the company website back in 2008 and was also quickly pulled down. At any rate, this quote is a nice insight into Kate’s childhood.

via PartyPieces.co.uk

#3 “It was a huge shock when it came and very excited

This was Kate’s take on how she felt when William proposed during their official engagement interview with ITN reporter Tom Bradby. There was a real giggle at the end. Cute.

via The Daily Mail

#2 According to fellow St. Andrew’s University student Richard Dennen (years before William and Kate were engaged – click on the link for Kate’s pre-engagement style) Richard he told Kate he was nervous about his new job at Tatler she told him, “Don’t worry. I’ll give you my first interview.” HA. Cheeky!

Via Zimbio.com

#1 “I’m not very good at that was Kate’s off-guard comment when the official engagement interview came to an end. Kate was so relieved it was over she fell back on the couch pillows and uttered these words.  She did do a great job, but like anyone she was being hard on herself. She must not have known it was caught on camera and would be included in footage…but it is so real and normal we love that it did!

Check it out for yourself by clicking on this link here. This adorable moment is at the 25:02 minute mark. It’s soooo worth it, even if you’ve already seen it before!

Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favourites!


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  1. It was sweet how William at the end of the engagement interview told her to breathe and that she did just fine on the interview. Aw…

  2. I clicked on the link in the last quote: ” I’m not good at that” and the interview didn’t show? Could you post another link? Thanks in advance!


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