Wee Royals in Tartan

Happy Monday and a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada! For today, we thought we’d let’s lighten things up a little with a look at Wee Royals in tartan. Tartan is fabulous and so very royal so it’s about time we gave it some more attention. (Check out our post on Balmoral style, which is resplendent in tartan, here)

To start, we love this delightful shot of the Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and a very young Prince Andrew lounging on the front garden of Balmoral.

 Since the shot is black and white, it’s hard to tell exactly what tartan Charles and Anne are sporting but it looks like it could very well be the Royal Balmoral Tartan (see the swatch below). This tartan was designed by Prince Albert back in 1853 for members of the family to wear during their stays at Balmoral. Nowadays, Queen Elizabeth wears this tartan along with other members of the family that have received permission from her to do so (that’s right, the Queen specifies who in her family has the privilege).

Interestingly, the Queen has also granted permission for her personal piper to wear the tartan and he is the only ‘Non Royal’ to have this distinction. The official website of the British Monarchy explains, “The position of Queen’s Piper is one of the highest accolades available to a piper serving in the Armed Forces.The Piper is a member of the Royal Household whose principal duty is to play every weekday at 9.00 am for about fifteen minutes under The Queen’s window when she is in residence at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse or Balmoral Castle.” Hmmm…we must plan on a walk around Buckingham Palace around 9am when the Queen is in residence to hear this for ourselves! The current Queen’s Piper is Pipe Major Derek Potter, shown below wearing Royal Stewart tartan. The Stewart Tartan is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth and it is said that it is appropriate that all subjects of the Queen wear it.

According to the Tartan Authority, no weaver in the United Kingdom would dream of creating the Balmoral tartan for anyone but members of the Royal Family and the Queen’s Piper.  The ghillies and estate workers wear the Balmoral Tweed – not the tartan.

Onto more Wee Royals in tartan! We love this formal portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip with their four eldest grandchildren – heck, they’re even sitting on a tartan couch (it looks like the Royal Stewart Tartan making another appearance)! They all look so comfortable together, and how could anyone resist little Harry’s impish smile?

From left: Prince William, The Queen, Peter Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince Philip, and Zara Phillips in tartan

We have not been able to identify what tartan William and Harry are in, so please fill us in if you know. We would have guessed that the Phillips kids would be decked out in the Phillips tartan (swatch below) but it definitely doesn’t look like what Zara has on, does it?

The Phillips Tartan

That portrait iss missing two royal grandkids…where are you, Bea and Eug?

Found them! They were dressed alike a lot as youngsters and this outing was no exception:

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

And, just for fun…two Royal Posters, when we were wee, in a version of the Queen’s personal tartan. Yes, we started young:

The Royal Posters in tartan before anyone knew what a blog was


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  1. Who knew there was so much to know about tartans…and how fun to see the Royal Bloggers in a version of the Queen’s tartan….are you twins?


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