Chance Royal Meetings: Olympic Edition Part Two

Crown Prince Carl Gustav of Sweden attended the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and while he was there, he met a young woman by the name of Silvia Sommerlath, now Queen Silvia of Sweden. Silvia met the prince through her work as a hostess and interpreter for the Organizing Committee of the Games. She was no doubt a great asset as she speaks  several languages (her current total is six: German, English, Swedish, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). She grew up in both Germany and Brazil which no doubt helped her become multilingual.

Here she is, ready for a medal ceremony. The young future Queen of Sweden looks so much like her daughter Crown Princess Victoria here, don’t you think?

Gotta love her enthusiasm here:

And the piece de resistance: a picture of the future King and Queen when they first met. You’ve got to love when there is  photographic proof of such a significant Chance Royal Meeting! We’re just so sorry this is a rather small picture:

In the year after the Olympic Games, the Crown Prince became the King of Sweden when his grandfather died (Carl Gustav’s father had already passed away). Despite the added pressure of becoming King, he and Silvia continued to date and they announced their engagement on March 12, 1976. Here is the happy couple at their official announcement with the press:

The couple married on June 19 that year. Fun tidbit: the couples eldest daughter Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling on the same day in 2010.

This is a lovely portrait of the King and Queen on their wedding day on June 19, 1976:

And here is their daughter Crown Princess Victoria on her wedding day with Prince Daniel, the former Daniel Westling, on June 19, 2010:

Last but certainly not least, we found this footage of Queen Silvia when she was plain Silvia Sommerlath working as a hostess and interpreter at the games. We don’t understand a word of it,  but the footage speaks for itself. There’s even footage of  Abba performing ‘Dancing Queen’ for the couple at a concert the night before their wedding and a look at the wedding itself!

The summer Olympics in London will be here before we know it. Who knows – it might just happen again! Stay tuned.


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