Kate & Pippa Wearing the Same Clothes

Like many sisters, Kate and Pippa seem to either share clothes or own some of the same pieces (we’re sure many of us can relate!). Here are few examples where Kate & Pippa are either sharing their clothes or bought/ were given the same pieces.

Issa “Lucky” Dress

This dress style has been around for awhile. The Daily Mail called it the “dress of the season” back in June of 2008 after Kate and several celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Davis were spotted wearing it.

Kate wore the white version of the dress to Wimbledon in 2008. Here she is with friends. She wore white to Wimbledon this year as well (a pretty Temperley dress) so that seems to be her ‘go to’ colour for watching tennis:

Pippa wore the same dress walking around London in September this year. This picture is from the Pippa-Middleton.co.uk blog.

They may each have the dress. After all, Pippa also owns the dress in red. She wore it to her boyfriend’s cricket match this past summer:

And Kate also owns owns it in pink. She wore it in pink to pick up her Trooping the Colour hat this summer:

Another shot of her with the hat in a bag…

Kate has worn this dress in black as well:

The black version Kate owns has a sheer back. Oh la la, Kate. She looks like she’s just back from a weekend away, doesn’t she. Where do you think she was – Highgrove? Or visiting her parents in Berkshire? Or??

This dress is definitely a favourite of the Middleton ladies! We hope Issa releases it again. It would be a great summer ‘staple’.

Whistles Beige Jersey Knit Jacket

Kate wore this jacket with a Diane von Furtsenberg dress for lunch with Camilla, Pippa, and Camilla’s daughter Laura at Koffman’s in the the Berkley hotel in London. This was back in February and it was during this lunch that the ladies were reportedly heard discussing Kate’s love for Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and how they couldn’t have trumpets in Westminster Abbey because the ceiling is too high.

A nice shot of Kate with Camilla:

Cut to May of this year when Pippa was spotted in the same beige fitted jacket as she went about her day in London. Could it be the exact same jacket or does Pippa have her own? We bet its the same one in this case…

Pippa wore the jacket again just last week. The picture is from Pippa-Middleton.co.uk

Kate’s Erdem Dress & Pippa’s H&M replica

Pippa was also spotted wearing an H&M copy of Kate’s Erdem dress recently. Check out our post on that by clicking here.

Wilbur & Gussie Gold Edith Bag

As far as accessories go, Kate and Pippa both carried the same gold ‘Edith’ clutch bag by Wilbur and Gussie this month. Kudos to the Pippa Middleton Style blog for pointing this out, as well.

Here’s the bag which can be purchased here, though the gold version is (unsurprisingly) currently sold out:

Here’s Pippa arriving at the Boodles Boxing Ball carrying the bag. Read more about this event here:

And here’s Kate also in red and holding the clutch at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds event. Read more about this event and Kate’s ensemble by clicking here.

So…is it the exact same bag? It makes sense to us that either Kate and Pippa share it since the bag has made two London appearances, or that Pippa does some shopping for Kate since she can get around and about easily. This could be an example of Pippa seeing something she loved and picking one up for Kate knowing that she’d love it as well…. and yes we know it’s crazy that we think about this.

Kate and Pippa do have similar taste in clothes but they also have distinct styles….we wonder what else we’ll see them share in the future. What do you think?


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  1. I think that it is great that the sisters share their clothes though I could never wear someone else’s clothes. Wherever do you get all of your ideas?


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