Jewelry Predictions: Princess Diana’s Sapphire & Pearl Choker

It could be argued that this necklace is the most iconic of all of Diana’s jewelry so it is unlikely we will see it on Kate for a very, VERY long time and that is how it should be. However, just like the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara we spoke about in our last prediction, it makes the most sense to us that Kate eventually be the one to wear this piece over all other current royal ladies.

Before anyone starts to yell in protest (and we know you will!), hear us out: like with the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, we don’t expect that Kate would wear such a significant piece until she has made a name for herself as a serious royal lady and has several years of full time royal duties under her belt. Suffice to say it’s very unlikely that this necklace would make an appearance anytime soon! However, being made of such a gorgeous sapphire that matches her engagement ring and Diana’s sapphire earrings that Kate has already had modified…it just make sense that Kate be the next Royal to wear it.  We love this photo of Kate wearing Diana’s earrings at Wimbledon:

Here’s a close up look:

Diana wore them for this portrait with newborn Prince Harry in 1984:
 Of course, when Prince Harry gets married his wife could also vey well wear this extraordinary necklace and turn it into her own. What a nice gesture that would be, especially since Kate was given Diana’s engagement ring, so Harry should have something special of his mum’s as well. Prince Harry’s wife will likely not get as much of a comparison to Diana as Kate has so this could be the best route to take. The point is, this piece is far too gorgeous to languish in a vault forever and we hope it comes out when the time is right.

This piece is so clearly associated with Diana’s since she is the only royal to have worn it as a necklace. The sapphire surrounded by diamonds was a gift from the Queen Mother on the occasion of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. This photo from 1958 shows the Queen Mother wearing what appears to be the brooch and the photo on the right is of Diana wearing it in 1982:

Here is a larger picture of Diana that evening. This photograph was taken during a state visit from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The brooch came in handy to help keep the sash of the Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown, gifted from Queen Beatrix, in place.

Queen Beatrix was visiting England for a four day state trip. Here is some footage of her arrival, greeting Princess Diana and Princess Anne:

At some point after this date, Diana had the brooch made into a seven strand pearl choker and wore it on numerous occasions. She wore it on the White House evening that she danced with John Travolta in November of 1985:

She also wore it with her “look at me” dress to the Serpentine Gallery the same night that Prince Charles confessed to adultery in a televised interview. The dress was designed by Christina Stambolian and the next day the papers had Diana on the cover in this dress paired with not so nice pictures of Camilla:

The necklace also travelled to New York for a Gala event at the Lincoln Centre in June of 1995:

And Diana wore the necklace in New York again, this time in 1996 at the Metropilitan Museum Costume Institute Gala which featured a 50 year retrospective of Dior. The dress is by John Galliano, the designer chosen to head up Dior.

As far as we can tell from our research, this was the last time that Diana wore this necklace, at least publicly (do let us know if we are wrong!). So it has been tucked away  for 15 years now and likely will continue to be for years to come until either Kate or Harry’s future wife bring it out.

What do you think? is this piece too closely associated to Diana for Kate to ever consider wearing it? Do you think it there would be less of an association to Diana if Harry’s future wife wore it instead of Kate? And lastly, do you think we’re off our rockers and it would have to go through a major transformation before anyone even thinks of wearing it again? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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21 replies

  1. Kate would wear it beautifully – I just wonder if Pippa would then need such a choker?

  2. I do think Catherine will eventually wear it, and beautifully, but to your point, I think it is still far too early for such an iconic statement piece. She will eventually begin to attend more State functions, as William transitions from military to full time Royal, and at that point I do hope we will see her wear more important jewels for evening events. Right now, this choker would be too heavy (both in literal stature and in terms of relevance) for her to carry off, and some folks would undoubtedly throw a wobbly over it. In due time I do expect to see her wearing it though, rather than Harry’s eventual wife.

  3. Too funny, WGA!
    Leslie, well said. Thanks for your comments.

  4. I hope that Harry’s wife receives this necklace. Of course, who knows – maybe one of Diana’s sisters has it?

  5. It seems that Kate don’t like bigger jewelry pieces, so I don’t think she will like it, she is also a bit to skinny to wear something like that.
    I hope Kate will not wear more jewelry from Diana, it is not right in my eyes, atleast not for the first 20 years.

    • Well, I guess thats for the firm to decide who will wear what and when. These jewels belong to the crown, so the crown must decide.

      • AFAIK Diana’s personal jewellery, which obviously includes this gift. was left to her sons. How they divvy up the jewels is entirely up to them.

  6. Since the scuttlebutt at time of the divorce was that jewelry gifts had to be left to william since they were gifts to a future queen not personal gifts its not going to be seen on anyone but Kate… But it could be a brooch again… Camilla did that with a loaner to Diana.

  7. Diana left her jewels to both sons in a letter of wishes which was added to her will, she said she wanted their future wives to have them, so either William or Harry could give the items to their wives, we will have to wait and see.

  8. The piece should be reserved for Prince Harry to present to his future wife and have a significant piece of his mother’s jewellery. Catherine is not the ‘end all’ in the legacy of Diana. Keep in mind, it was Prince Harry who had been left his mother’s engagement ring but gave it to William to present to Catherine. Quite generorous and selfless of Prince Harry!

  9. The Duchess of Cornwall wears jewelry from four main sources; heirloom pieces from her own family, gifts from her husband, gifts received on Royal Tours, and jewelry that is associated with her husband’s grandmother.

    I believe the same will be true for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She has continue to wear jewelry she had prior to her engagement to William as well as gifts from her parents, she has been given a few pieces on Royal Tours (The Polar Bear Brooch) from family friends (The Ruby & Diamond Floral Necklace with matching Bracelet) William has given her a few pieces, and it’s likely she will one day wear many heirloom pieces belonging to her husbands grandmother. I believe it’s unlikely we will see her wear statement necklaces, brooches, or Tiaras strongly associated with her late mother in law.

  10. I think Diana was born to be a vessel for those jewels. But she did not go to college, school beyond high school. William and Kate did, and they use better judgement. Diana was vulnerable and left herself open to pain and conflict simply by not keeping a low profile.
    Lower profile? She couldn’t. But it became a runaway train.
    Kate with William – well the jewelry is in the family – someone has to use it, but it’s an awkward situation – the English are very class conscious, all that curtseying, and the minute they open their mouths.

    It would have to be someone like Diana but Charles and Diana had an arranged marriage and these two are marrying for love. Ideally it would be a strong woman with the education to play it down, wear it like it she deserves the giant saphire, and also have some jewels in her family so it’s nothing new.
    I’m available but I don’t like the princes. At all. No human deserves such gigantic but pretty jewels that are really just glass; it diminishes and objectifys the human in this century.

  11. I mean I don’t fancy the princes in a romantic way, otherwise they’re doing the best they can and it’s beautiful!
    All good vibes are with them, through time… the past and now.

  12. It’s possible she will wear it someday, but Kate’s style seems very different from Diana’s. Kate seems to favor smaller, less showy pieces, and she is very modern. I don’t know if she would want to wear a pearl choker.

    I wonder if she will have it modified if she does inherit it.

  13. The sapphire is beautiful! I do hope Kate does get to wear it. Does anyone know how the royal ladies request or have access to wear different pieces of the jewelry collection? Would they make the request through Angela Kelly? Thanks!


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