Royal Round Up: Oct 14 – 20 & Some Jewelry Talk…

Another eventful Royal week! Just a head’s up – we seem to be getting distracted by jewelry this week. You’ll see what we mean in a couple of the posts below.

October 16: The 136th Birthday of the last Hawaiian Royal would have been today

Crown Princess Victoria Ka’iulani was remembered in a Waikiki ceremony on October 16th. This day would have been her 136th birthday (she was born in 1875). The Crown Princess had Hawaiian ancestry from her mother and Scottish ancestry from her father and was the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaii. She was educated in Britain and spoke Hawaiian, English, French and German. When the Hawaiian Monarchy was overthrown in in 1893, she appealed to the American government saying,

“Four years ago, at the request of Mr. Thurston, then a Hawaiian Cabinet Minister, I was sent away to England to be educated privately and fitted to the position which by the constitution of Hawaii I was to inherit. For all these years, I have patiently and in exile striven to fit myself for my return this year to my native country. I am now told that Mr. Thurston will be in Washington asking you to take away my flag and my throne. No one tells me even this officially. Have I done anything wrong that this wrong should be done to me and my people? I am coming to Washington to plead for my throne, my nation and my flag. Will not the great American people hear me?”

The Princess returned to Hawaii and passed away in 1899 at the age of 23. Her story was turned into a movie in 2010 titled Princess Ka’iulani. You can learn more about the Princess by clicking here.

October 17: Kate’s letter to young Cancer Patient Fabian Bate is revealed

During Kate and William’s visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital, Kate promised young Fabian Bate that she would leave a message on his blog. In the end, she wrote him an encouraging letter dated October 13 (the same date of the gala at St. James Palace, so she and William must have been busy getting some office work done). It’s a sweet note that Fabian’s family says has been very encouraging for him.

Here’s Fabian with Kate during the visit:

And the letter:

Ok, can we just take a moment to discuss Catherine’s cypher? Wonder what she made of getting to have paper made up with a ‘C’ and coronet as the letterhead. That must have been seriously fun. And we know she has a ‘C’ bracelet as well…our guess is this was a gift from Charles who also gave Camilla a ‘C’ (despite reports that Camilla gave Catherine the ‘C’). Charles has given a charm bracelet to Camilla, and he also gave one to Diana… Thoughts?

Here’s Kate wearing the bracelet at Wimbledon:

October 19: The Queen & Prince Philip arrived in Australia

The Queen and Prince Philip arrived in Australia for an 11 day tour. Not too shabby for an 85 year old Queen and a 90 year old Prince. They are looking pretty sprightly here considering this was after such a long flight.

Again, we’re distracted by jewelry, this time the brooch that the Queen chose for her arrival. The brooch the Queen wore is known as the ‘Wattle Brooch.’ It was gifted to the Queen by the government and people of Australia during a visit there in 1954. These pictures were taken during that trip and you can see the brooch on the Queen’s lapel in the top one:

The brooch consists of a spray of wattle, mimosa leaves, and tea tree blossoms made out of yellow and white diamonds. Love that it’s someone’s job to keep track of all these things and make sure that the meaningful jewelry comes out at the right time, just like how Kate wore the Maple Leaf brooch during the Canadian tour.

Here’s another look at the brooch as the Queen was being driven off. The driver sure looks delighted to be at the wheel.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. Love your coverage of Queen Ka’iulani. To continue with your jewellery theme, one of my late husband’s great uncles met the queen and her family and was given by her a bracelet made out of the silver coins that were then of issued under the Hawaiian Royal family. I still have the bracelet as well other coins of that period. I love your blog and all the interesting information you provide.

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