Updated: Kate’s First Solo Engagement

Another day, another Kate announcement! Last night the Duchess of Cambridge had her first solo engagement. As reported in the Daily Mail, she was filling in for Prince Charles who was in Saudia Arabia after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s recent death. Pretty significant that she was able to step in like that on the fly!

On the Duke and Duchess’ website a palace spokesman has said, ‘She was so pleased that her first solo engagement was for the Prince of Wales, who has shown her so much support over the years.’ How nice.

We also can’t help but wonder if Kate is still trying to make up from her comments to coworkers back in April 2007 when she and William had broken up. At that time a work colleague by the name of Philiip Higgs told the Daily Mirror,

“She had about 10 people asking if she was all right and I think she just lost her rag. She said ‘It’s because of his daddy’. Everyone raised their eyebrows but didn’t want to push her. Normally, Kate doesn’t talk about anything. She’s very quiet. But it was as if she’d reached boiling point from one sympathetic question too many. She’d been trying to keep it together and hide her real feelings. But she got a bit angry about it all and momentarily lost her cool.That happens sometimes when people are being nice to you and you’re upset.”

Well, since we weren’t there we don’t know for sure if that happened, but that’s all water under the bridge at this point. It would have been seriously embarrasing for Kate! The spokesman’s comment helps to brush that little blip even more under the rug. For more of our favourite Kate Quotes, click here.

The attendees of the event were no doubt tickled that they were hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge in the end.

Via The Daily Mail

The event had about 30 people, and was in support of In Kind Direct, which Prince Charles founded in 1996. Robin Boles, the chief executive of In Kind Direct, said: ‘We were delighted that the Duchess was able to step in at such short notice after our founder was unexpectedly called away. ‘The Duchess hosted a very special evening with absolute professionalism and charm.’ Kate certainly looks like she really pulled it off:

Leila Tannaz over on the What Kate Wore facebook page identified this dress as vintage Amanda Wakely. Impressive! Kate has worn Amanda Wakely several times, most recently at the Royal Marsden hospital . This gown is another likely example of Kate readying her Royal Wardrobe during her relationship with William; maybe she wore it to an event at Highgrove in the past! It certainly has a but of a J.Lo/Marchesa vibe to it, which can go either way, but overall we think she looks stunning. Love seeing her in this colour and the darts of the skirt really make it – so floaty and ethereal looking. She’s certainly stuck to her favourite silhouette that we have seen over and over again at other formal evening events: long and lean.

Kate brought out her bling for the event; she appears to be wearing the same diamond earrings she wore on Canada Day and at Zara’s wedding, along with a diamond bracelet. These peices appear to have been given to Catherine around the time of the wedding. Perhaps from William? The pieces look rather vintage to us…

A sneak peak at the bracelet also worn that day:

Kate also wore the bracelet at the BAFTA event in Los Angeles (on her right arm):

Also interesting that Kate appears to be carrying a glass of water rather than the champagne flutes the other guests are carrying. This could simply be because she wants to be in top form on her first solo engagement, especially since she is representing Prince Charles. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Overall, it looks like a successful first engagement for Kate. It was well executed, and fortunate that there was no public prelude to this event, and that it was a relatively small in terms of attendence. It was also a nice touch that she was able to help Charles by stepping in for him at the last minute. Definitely a nice surprise today for all of us!

Earlier in the week, Kate was seen at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbride, the  Victoria & Albert museum in South Kensington and Starbucks in Chelsea. We wonder if she will be in London this weekend? On Saturday we are going to the Haunted Tour at Kensington Palace so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

Also, it was announced today that:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend a St James’s Palace dinner for the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal on November 10.


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  1. Has Kate been working out?

  2. What a gorgeous dress on Kate – she looks fantastic! So elegant!

  3. She looked gorgeous in that vintage gown! Thanks for the post!


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