Princess Maxima’s Engagement Ring

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands is a very interesting and impressive lady. She was born Maxima Zorreguieta in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. She grew up in Buenos Aires and in school learned to speak English fluently. She is now also fluent in Dutch.

Here are some childhood photographs of Maxima from the Dutch Royal Family’s official website.

What a cutie!

A snapshot of an older, pre-princess Maxima

Maxima has a degree in economics and was working in investment banking in New York City when she first met Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, heir apparent to the throne of the Netherlands.The couple met in Seville, Spain during the Seville Spring Fair in 1999. Much like when Mary Donaldson met Prince Frederik and he introduced himself simply as “Fred”, Prince Willem-Alexander introduced himself to Maxima simply as “Alexander.” When he later told her he was a prince she didn’t believe him and assumed he was having her on.

Three weeks later, the couple met up in New York and started dating. Of this meeting Maxima later said, “I’d nearly forgotten what he looked like.” She also spoke about how she tried to keep her boyfriend’s identity a secret from her parents at first. She said, “I would tell them something different, but at some point I had no other remedy than to say: ‘He’s the prince of Holland.’” To be closer to the prince, Maxima moved from New York City to Brussels in May of 2000 and began working at the EU Representative Office of Deutsche Bank. She stopped working there when the couple’s engagement was announced in March of 2001.

Once their relationship became public,  the couple faced serious controversy. Maxima’s father, Jorge Zorreguieta, had been the agriculture minister in the Argentine regime of the dictator Videla who was infamous for his human rights violations. Queen Beatrix continued to support the couple regardless, and publicly appeared with both Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander. After receiving approval from the Dutch government, the couple announced their engagement on March 30, 2001, alongside the Queen and Prince Claus. What a sweet family picture:

To mark their engagement, Prince Willem-Alexander gave Maxima a very unique ring. The ring features an oval shaped orange diamond flanked by two tear drop shaped diamonds. Two outer bands make up this significant piece.

Orange is the historic national colour of the Netherlands and the royal family is of the House of Orange-Nassau so this was a very symbolic choice, much like how Prince Frederik gave Mary Donaldson a ruby and diamond ring to symbolize Denmark’s flag. Up until the 17th century, orange was on the country’s national flag; the national colours are now red, white, and blue.  Prince Willem-Alexander holds the title Prince of Orange as the heir to the Dutch throne.

Here is the couple at Prince Albert’s wedding to Charlene in Monaco this past summer. Maxima’s dress matched the ring!

Back to the engagement. Here is video of the televised announcement. It’s in Dutch – but even if you don’t speak that language, you get the idea! The couple and Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus look extremely happy. For her part, Maxima learned to speak the Dutch language very quickly and she used this announcement to show off her new skill, which did a lot to impress the people of the Netherlands.

These pictures were taken later that day. Don’t they look delighted? We love that Maxima is an enthusiastic waver!

The couple married of February 2, 2002 in Amsterdam. Check out more information on Princess Maxima’s gorgeous wedding dress by clicking here.

The couple has three daughters. Their first child, Princess Catharina-Amalia, was born on the 7th of December, 2003. Their second child, Princess Alexia, was born on 26 June 2005 and their third child, Princess Ariane, on 10 April 2007.

We look forward to more posts on these Royals in the future!


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