The Young Future Queens of Europe: Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

As we’re sure you know by now, the Order of Succession for the British Royal Family was officially changed in October 2011 to end male primogeniture. That means that going forward, boys will not take precedence over girls and  as such, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter before they have a son, their daughter will be Queen. Awesome.

Several of the European royals have already been on this bandwagon for awhile now, and consequently there are a few young european princesses who are in line to be crowned Queen. In this series, we will look at who these young princesses are.

Our first ‘Young Future Queen’ is seven year old Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway. Princess Ingrid was born to Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit on January 21, 2004. The Crown Prince and Princess of Norway are a very interesting couple that we’ll talk about more in future posts. In the meantime, check out Princess Ingrid’s official webpage on the Norwegian Royal Family’s website by clicking here.

The Constitution of Norway was altered in 1990, changing the succession law to what is referred to as ‘absolute cognatic primogeniture.’ This meant that the eldest child of the heir to the throne, regardless of gender, takes precedence in the line of succession. The first member of Norway’s royal family this law applies to is Princess Ingrid Alexandra; her dad Crown Prince Haakon still maintains precedence over his older sister Princess Martha Louise, pictured below with her husband Ari Behn on their wedding day.

As a side note, Princess Martha Louise is quite a fun character and seems very happy for her brother to be next in line to the throne instead of her (she is fourth in line, after Prince Haakon and his two biological children). She willingly gave up the style “Her Royal Highness” when she married in 2002 and instead is now known simply as “Her Highness Princess Martha Louise.” The decision to remove “Royal” gave her more opportunity to have a professional life outside of her royal work. She still carries out royal duties, but at a reduced capacity. She is a trained physiotherapist, and in 2007 she began Astarte Education, which is focused on alternative therapy and training people to tap into their intuition and communicate with angels. You can check out her company website here.

But back to her niece! As the second in line to the throne, little Princess Ingrid likely won’t have the opportunity to go off on her own like that, but she does seem to have a very nice  and somewhat normal family life. You just have to love this official portrait of her, taken on the occasion of her sixth birthday(below) and, yes, the adorable baby in the picture at the beginning of this post is the official portrait of Princess Ingrid for her christening.

Her godparents are His Majesty The King of Norway, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, His Royal Highness Prince Felipe of Asturias, Her Highness Princess Märtha Louise (Princess Ingrid’s aunt), and Ms Marit Tjessem (Princess Ingrid’s maternal grandmother).

Princess Ingrid served as a bridesmaid for her Godmother Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden when she married Daniel Westling in June of 2010. She’s the sweet brunette in the middle in the picture below. Love the little dresses and headbands that so nicely echoed Princess Victoria’s dress

Also love this picture of Princess Ingrid on the way to her first day of elementary school with her parents this past August:

And clearly she’s a lover of the colour pink and isn’t afraid to accesorize!

Princes Ingrid is already being prepared for her future royal role and according to the royal family of Norway’s website already takes part in official engagements, such as Norway’s Constitution Day. We hope she gets to have as normal a childhood as possible!

The next ‘Young Future Queen’ up for discussion is seven year old Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands. Hope to see you then!


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