The Young Future Queens of Europe: Princess Catharina-Amalia of The Netherlands

In our series on the Young Future Queens of Europe, we have so far discussed Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (click here for a refresher).  Princess Ingrid is just a year younger than our next Princess, Catharina- Amalia of the Netherlands.

Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands is the eldest of the three daughters of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, and is usually just known as “Amalia.” She was born on the 7th of December, 2003 and is second in line to the throne after her father the Prince of Orange. As such,  she holds the title The Hereditary Princes of Orange. Updated: Upon the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Amalia’s official title is Her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange.

Ok, so the picture above is adorable, but at the same time….maybe a bit much to be posing on a pink throne at such a young age when you’re actually a future queen?? Is that not asking for some future diva-ish behaviour?? Or are we being unfair? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

Princess Amalia was christened on June 12, 2004 and her godparents include Prince Constantin of the Netherlands and  Princess Victoria of Sweden (just like Princess Ingrid of Norway!).

Also just like Princess Ingrid, Princess Amalia acted as a bridesmaid for her godmother Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden when she married Daniel Westling in June of 2010. We love this picture of her in her bridesmaids dress with her proud parents at the wedding.

Here she is to the left of Princess Ingrid, in the middle of the procession of attendants:

The Princess had a rather big 2010; she also attended the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Here she is decked out in orange to support the Dutch speed skating team (who took home several medals, btw). She seems to have inherited her mother’s exuberant personality. Love it:

And the sporting fun continues…she even got an orange vuvuzela to cheer on the Dutch team for the World Cup in June of 2010. Oh, yeah:

Princess Maxima has spoken about how her three daughters understand their royal roles. Here is Princess Amalia with her grandmother Queen Beatrix at an engagement at the European Dressage Championships this past September.

Apparently Princess Amalia helps  her younger sisters (Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane, they like the A-names it seems) at photocalls, telling them that they need to pose nicely so that they can go and play afterwards. With all that they do seem like normal and happy kids!

Next up: the young future Queen of Spain.


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10 replies

  1. Love all the photos – especially the little princess with the orange scarf. My favourite one is of the three girls on the beach. They look ‘normal’ and cute. Bitsy

  2. My American grand daughter was crazy for anything princess or pink so it is quite possible that a real princess is too. Yeah for the pink throne.

  3. a nice bog of the future Queen of the Netherlands, she is a verry smart and sporty girl.
    (might by good to know fore an other time here in Holland we always cole her Amalia even here parents , only official Catharina -Amalia and never Catharina)

  4. I usually call Catharina-Amalia “Amalia”. Great thing if she became a Queen.

  5. Yes, that’s right. I always call Catharina-Amalia “Amalia”. It’s a great thing if she become a queen.


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