Princess Diana’s Wedding Looks

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Princess Diana had one of the most viewed weddings in the last few decades, and one of the most recognized wedding dresses. Today we thought we’d take a look at what she wore when she was a guest at the weddings of her family and friends during her days as Princess of Wales.

1) Wedding of Viscount Althorp (Charles Spencer) and Victoria Lockwood, 1989

Diana, William and Charles at the wedding of her brother Charles

Diana wore one of our favourite all time Diana outfits to her brother’s first wedding; a light blue and white dress and tailcoat by Catherine Walker. Love this – so classic! Diana also wore this outfit to Ascot.

The Queen also attended this wedding; after all, she is godmother to Charles Spencer. (Let’s think about this for a second – when Charles Spencer criticized the royal family in his eulogy his godmother the Queen is the head of that family – how brazen!). Princess Margaret was also invited. The royals and Spencers go way back…even before they were neighbours at Sandringham.

The bride wore the Spencer tiara and the reception took place at Althorp.

Love this picture of the bride and groom, just sorry it’s so small here:

Here’s a close up of Victoria Lockwood, who at this point carried the title Viscountess Althorp, in the Spencer tiara:

And another shot of Diana that day. Here she is with her mum:

2) Wedding of Carolyn Pride and William Bartholomew in 1982. 

Carolyn was one of Diana’s flatmates from when she lived at Coleherne Court in the flat bought for her by her mother when she moved to London. Diana lived there until her engagement was announced in the winter of 1981. At that time it was reported that when when Diana left the flat the night before the big engagement announcement, she left a note that read, “For God’s sake ring me up – I’m going to need you.” Carolyn and Diana were old school friends and later Diana would be godmother to Carolyn’s son, Jack. Here’s a link to a video of Diana arriving at the wedding.

And another photo for good measure:

3) Sarah Ferguson and HRH Prince Andrew, 1986

Diana famously helped bring Sarah and Andrew together (who had known each other as children) by having them seated together at a party at Windsor Castle for Ascot. At the wedding, Diana wore a black and blue polka dot dress. We believe this was a repeat outfit – please let us know in the comments if we are mistaken – which is quite thoughtful and helped to keep Sarah as the centre of attention at the wedding.

Here’s  a bigger picture:

And another!

Do you have any other favourite Diana wedding guest looks?


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4 replies

  1. I adore this blog but the photos are so, so tiny! I can’t even make out Diana in the Fergie wedding pic.

  2. I remember reading that Princess Diana intentionally wore the less than attractive polka-dot dress and huge hat to Sarah and Andrew’s wedding. The outfit debuted on an official visit with Prince Charles to Venice, Italy. It was heavily criticized by the press — including the Italians. At the time of the wedding, pundits suggested that Diana’s intent was to assure that she didn’t detract from Sarah’s day.

  3. I believe the York wedding outfit Diana wore was a first off. She did not wear the outfit in Italy. The poster who said this may be confused with a similar coloured coat dress with an oversized sailor collar worn in Venice that was designed by the Emmanuels.

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