Kate and William & the Rest of the Royal A Team at Buckingham Palace

Last night Kate and William attended an event at Buckingham Palace along with The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla. This is the Royal A-Team.

The event was a reception for 350 members of the media who are expected to be reporting on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year. Richard Palmer tweeted that the Queen and Prince Philip shook hands with all 350 guests. Impressive!  The reception also included a ‘Tweet Suite’ where guests could tweet about the event. The British Royals certainly are doing what they can to stay with the times.

Here are a few tweets from the event:

Fearnecotton  “Prince William is still a radio 1 listener which is good news. He has asked for a shout out tomorrow. I think I can manage that!
RoyalReporter Richard Palmer “I spoke to a couple of journos who met Kate for the first time tonight and the verdict was “lovely, so down to earth, very talkative”.”
So, what did you all think of the green Mulberry dress Kate wore? Here’s another look at it from the Mulberry runway:

Me, I had a few of thoughts…

  1. She’s more consistently stepping away from high street (Mulberry is not exactly Reiss), and this is not a repeat or an item she purchased in anticipation of her future role, or an item from the closet of Carole/’Mama Midds’, as with this and,possibly, this.
  2. Colour! This is a departure from the last time we saw her at Buckingham Palace, one-on-one with the Queen to view The Dress when she wore a cream Joseph number. (see #3) To me, wearing green is a bolder, more confident move. (But don’t get us wrong, we LOVED the cream Joseph!) It was also a colour that worked well for her in Los Angeles when she pulled out that DVF number, which made it’s second appearance the night before Zara’s wedding.
  3. Kate seems very relaxed and at ease. She did in Canada as well, but I feel like there’s been a gradual shift away from the novelty of this new life, into a more at ease, comfortableness if you will in the role. I imagine in the coming weeks we will start getting announcements about the first of her patronages. Stay tuned!
  4. It looks like she may be wearing the gold charm bracelet again! You have to look closely…

What did you think?


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2 replies

  1. I think it’s great that there was a ‘Tweet Suite’ at the Palace for the event – it is really great to see the British Monarchy embracing social media. Love Duchess Catherine’s green Mulberry dress. Do we think green might be a new favourite colour of the Duchess?

  2. I am not a huge fan of Mulberry dress, bud Duchess Catherine looks great in green

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