The Walk to Church at Sandringham on Christmas Day ~ Diana

In the lead up to Christmas Day, we’ve had a fun, frivolous time reviewing the “walk to church” sartorial choices of various Royal Ladies. Our list certainly wouldn’t be complete without a discussion on Diana’s Christmas outfits!

Let’s start at the beginning.


Here’s a picture of Diana celebrating her first Christmas as a member of the royal family.  At this time, She had apready announced that she was pregnant. Very cute blue coat!


Christmas was celebrated at Windsor Castle this year. Here is Diana, resplendent in pink (we do love pink at Christmas, we have to say) with Prince Charles after the Christmas Day service at St George’s Chapel. If you happen to shed some light on why Christmas was celebrated at Windsor that year, we’d love to hear it!


It looks like it was a white Christmas at Sandringham this year! Diana looks very Princess-Christmas-Day-Perfect in her red coat and black fur muff. You really have to have a certain panache to pull off a fur muff. That’s a wee Zara in the red cap in the bottom picture.


And we’re back in Windsor for Christmas this year. Fergie’s red coat and white hat are very festive. Diana is in a coat by Escada and hat by Philip Somerville. She also wore this outfit on an official visit to Berlin that year.

Here’s a pic of Diana in the coat in November of 1987 in Berlin. Not looking particularly thrilled:


Diana and Fergie were in blue this year. I can imagine they would have had a lot of laughs together over Christmas. Must have been nice for Diana to have had a friend at these events.

And we just had to thrown in this picture of we William and Zara walking together. So cute!


Diana is in a lovely purple/blue suit and hat. Not exactly Christmassy (we think this would work better at Easter), but there you go.  We think this may be Bruce Oldfield but are not sure! If you know, please tell us in the comments.


A windy walk to church in 1990. Again in purple, and again not very Christmassy, but maybe she wasn’t on the festive spirit this year.


Diana and Charles had officially separated in 1992. However, Diana was still invited to Christmas. Here she is in a very festive red and black number. It looks like a foggy day. Here’s a video of Diana and the rest of the gang arriving at church on Youtube.


This was Diana’s last Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham. She looks very cozy in this hat and coat. Nice to see William and Harry as well. William still does this hand clasping gesture! And here’s another video of the family arriving at church on Christmas Day in 1994.


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4 replies

  1. The world lost a woman of class, charm, intelligence and uncapped love when Diana died.

  2. 1981 Christmas was also at Windsor, although 1980 was at Sandringham. Always wondered about the Windsor Christmases myself. Wasn’t 1984 also at Windsor? Remember Harry’s christening was around the same time at Windsor and was planned for the Christmas break so everyone was around for it?

    • Further to my early comment – not sure about 1980 – I know they were at Sandringham by New year but not sure about Xmas. Seems 1981-82-83 were at st George’s chapel Windsor. 1984 was Sandringham although Harry’s christening was at Windsor a couple of days before Xmas. I’ve got a pinterest boards where I am piecing together Diana’s life in some kind of order – I’m currently working on years 1980 and 1981, however I’ve put together a “Christmas” board to work on the Sandringham/Windsor issue. Search pin interest under “Kylie Andrews” my user name to search my Diana boards.

      • @Rebecca: if you search my name: Rose Kodis, you will see that I am doing the same as you are. I am stuck for Easter, Christmas day. I have found one picture for Easter that I have doubts about. I have a youtube video of Christmas service being at St. George’s for 1985…and other photos that are presumably at Sandringham. I am very confused. If you have anything to add..I would appreciate it.

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