Christmas Day Walk to Church at Sandringham: Zara Part Two

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on Zara! Click here for a refresher. Today we are entering the new millennium, starting in 2000:


This is the first year where Zara really started to look grown up and stylish.  This is also when Zara really started to get daring with her hats and wardrobe in general. That’s Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s daughter, to Zara’s left.


Not sure quite what to say about the patchwork coat, scarf and hat. But she looks warm. We’ll give her that.


Remember when Britney Spears wore hats like this all the time? Well, so did Zara. She looks very pretty and – by Sandringham standards – rather fashion forward. The winter white coat looks great with the black sweater underneath.


These photos were taken on December 26 aka Boxing Day, when the royals attended the Sunday service.

It really is a shame that this picture is so small because it really needs to be studied. I mean, it’s all good up to the end of her coat. Then it’s like what happened here? Did Robin Hood lose his boots??


Another cute shot of the cousins. Zara is bringing another fashion forward look out, keeping things interesting with her Indiana Jones style hat and fur collar. Somehow she really pulls it off.

Do you think Zara and William are talking about how fuzzy the coat is here? “Oh, would you look at that. Just like Granny’s furs.”


We had to triple check that this picture was from Christmas Day and not Easter. Because floral prints generally say ‘Springtime!’ more than Christmas, no? Anyway, once again, Zara is shaking things up a bit and making the walk to church a little more interesting to watch.


Ok, now this chapeau is the most show stopping piece of all. We love that she’s not afraid of colour!

Peter and Autumn kept things more traditional. This was Autumn’s first royal christmas so no doubt she didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. Her hat is certainly casual in comparison to Zara’s. It’s as thought she didn’t know she had to wear a hat until the last minute and she happened to pack this little number for warmth. Or maybe she just didn’t want to look like she was trying too hard.

Check out this angle, below. Quite a contrast to Sophie’s prim Jackie O pillbox hat. We love them both!


Another fun hat from Zara. Love the swingy skirt on Zara’s jacket.

Gorgeous! We really get the feeling the Zara, William and Harry have a good laugh and are good buddies.
And, to end off, take a look at these shoes:
So, do tell! What is your favourite Zara look? We’re quite partial to 2008. That hat is just too much fun. Looking forward to seeing what she pulls out for Christmas 2011.

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  1. She does know how to have fun with her clothes. I like her 2003 look, also like the 2009 coat.


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