Another Stunning Turn Out From Kate!

There were two Kate sightings today. SO fun.

The first was of Kate driving with William to Buckingham Palace for the annual Christmas brunch. Last year, Kate arrived at the brunch sandwiched between William and Harry in the car. Still on the hunt for that picture….

It looks like Kate was wearing a red jacket on the drive to the palace. It quite possibly is the red LK Bennet jacket she wore to Denmark on her and Wiliam’s trip in aid of UNICEF. It would be pretty smart and savvy of her if she did wear it as a repeat; the Queen and Anne are very frugal and would have appreciated it if they cottoned on.

Here’s a look at the jacket from the Denmark trip:

Tonight, William and Kate joined Prince Harry at the Night of Heroes Military Awards. The black tie event was held at the Imperial War Museum and the three royals all arrived together.

For this event, Kate brought out two stunning new pieces of jewelry; a diamond (and possibly ruby) necklace and matching bracelet. The earrings Kate wore were another wedding present that we have seen several times since the wedding. They were reportedly a wedding gift.  We don’t yet have a reliable source as to wear exactly it came from, but it seems like Kate chose the dress specifically to suit the jewels. After all, you can’t wear coloured stones like that with just anything. The black velvet McQueen dress Kate chose was just the ticket; the sweetheart neckline complements the necklace and the black doesn’t compete.

The other thing to keep in mind with jewelry like that is that Kate must have known she had to wear that necklace in a timely fashion out of respect for the giver. Leaving it much longer out of the public eye could have been seen as an insult, you know? And that necklace in particularly really wouldn’t work with any of the other ball gowns she has worn since the royal wedding. We point this out because the necklace isn’t our favourite. Coloured stones can be a bit tricky and the flowers are just kind of ‘meh’ and seem a tad young. Perhaps this necklace was given to her as a wedding present because she loves ‘the language of flowers.’ That theme was woven through their entire wedding from Kate’s dress to the blooms chosen in her bouquet, to the icing flowers that decorated the cake. Just a thought.

Before we end, we might as well throw in how Kate’s dress is like the modern version of the black strapless gown that Diana wore 30 years ago on her first engagement as a royal fiancee. Both dresses are long, black, and feature a sweatheart neckline with a ruffle. Kate must have known this similarity would be commented on. She’s no dummy…good thing it didn’t deter her from wearing it.

Well, the next time we see William and Kate might well be on their walk to church on Christmas Day. Who thinks she might pull out the coat from Denmark again, perhaps with a different belt? Or will it be a whole new look all together?


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  1. I agree with you on that necklace, it isn’t a favorite of mine, either. Seems like a real waste of perfectly good diamonds and rubies. I do like the bracelet, though. The necklace design seems kind of childish.

    Kate’s brows are overdone, her makeup in general is just not very becoming for someone who is 29 years old. Those brows are especially horrific in the photo of her in the car on the way to the brunch! Although the velvet dress is marvelous, her hair detracts from the elegant dress. That hairstyle just does not work here, IMO.

    Remember when Diana caught flak from Charles regarding wearing a black dress? He told her that Royals only wore black for funerals. But, she must’ve changed that tradition with her fabulous dress that day! Diana looked great in that dress! (More “wow” than Catherine, I think.)

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