The Queen on Christmas Day

The Queen leads the charge to church on Christmas Day. We can’t imagine her ever calling in sick on such an occasion. Here’s a look back through the years:



This was the Christmas before Diana was officially a member of the family.


The Queen in winter white with her grandchildren, Prince Philip, Diana, and Charles. Don’t they look festive?


This was year was the Queen’s “annus horribilis”. At least it was almost at an end at this point!


The Queen Mum and the Queen in vibrant colours…nice to have a spot of colour on a wintery day.


The Queen Mum seems to wear a lot of blue on Christmas Day whereas the Queen likes jewel tones. What a festive outing here. Charles seems to like that jacket a lot…it’s made quite a few appearances!


Heading out of church and back to the house for lunch!


The Queen looks a tad lonely here. Where is everyone?


The Queen’s jewels are just gorgeous! This is a #1 Christmas ensemble for the Queen in our books.


Last year a fuzzy hat came out. Love the scarf swept to the side and fastened with a brooch. There’s  a Christmas to remember for that little guy.

Three more sleeps until Christmas!


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