The Swedish Royal Family’s Christmas Cards

We have been very heavy on the British Royals in our lead up to Christmas, so we thought it’s time we brought the Swedes into the fold! Here are some Swedish Royal Family christmas cards and christmas snapshots that we think are quite charming.


This fun, candid shot was taken during the Family’s official Christmas photo shoot. That’s wee Princess Victoria back when she was an only child. Her brother Prince Philip was born the following year.


Here’s a similar shot to the one taken in 1978. We apologize that its so tiny!! That’s Prince Philip and Crown Princess Victoria apparently dosey-doeing on the carpet. To top it all off, it looks like they are in traditional Swedish dress.


Now we are skipping many years ahead. For this Christmas portrait, the family gathered in the library at Stockholm Palace. That’s Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria with their parents Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustav. Don’t worry, they didn’t forget about Prince Philip; he was away at school and wasn’t able to make it for this photograph. Again, we apologize for the size…though we can still see it well enough to be surprised that the now glamourous Princess Madeleine was ever into argyle.


This picture served as the Royal Family’s Christmas card in 1999. Finally we have the whole family all dolled up in their finery.


Ten years, later, Crown Princess Victoria paid a December visit to Paris. She was there with her then fiance Daniel Westling to, among other duties, light up two large Christmas trees with the Swedish Ambassador to France. The couple also a Franco-Swedish gala. Looks very festive!

We’ll see what they get up to this year. Two more sleeps until Christmas Eve!


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