Royal Christmas Cards ~ Prince Charles and Camilla

Merry Christmas Eve!!

To celebrate, let’s look at the Christmas cards of Charles and Camilla since their marriage in 2005. They show a range of playfulness, seriousness, and family togetherness. Our favourite is 2008 – which is yours?


This was taken at Camilla and Charles’ April wedding. Side note: Camilla and Charles used the same photographer that William and Kate used for their wedding.


This was taken at the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles, Camila’s daughter. She’s the one in the light blue-green silk jacket in the 2005 Christmas card.

Here’s what the whole card looked like:

The2006 Christmas Card sent to Jimmy Saville (via Daily Mail)

The2006 Christmas Card sent to Jimmy Saville (via Daily Mail)


A candid shot was chosen for 2007.


Sharing a laugh in the rain at the official naming ceremony for a new ferry in honour of Camilla. Glad to see that Camilla was having better luck with her umbrella that day than she was when she got stuck in one.


At Royal Ascot in June. Very posh.


Apparently Camilla isn’t much of a skiier – but she was trying that day!

If you’d like to see Diana and Charles’ christmas cards over the years, click here and here. Enjoy and…one more sleep until Christmas!

UPDATED in December 2013:

Now that some time has passed, we have some more delightful Charles & Camilla Christmas cards to share. In December of 2011, this charming picture of Camilla and Charles with granddaughter Laura Lopes at William and Kate’s wedding was a natural choice.

In December of 2012, Camilla and Charles sent out this photograph, taken during the Queen’s Jubilee festivities.

Charles and Camilla celebrating the jubilee (via Zimbio)

Charles and Camilla celebrating the jubilee (via Zimbio)

The 2013 card is still to be determined, but perhaps it will include a photo taken at Prince George’s christening?!


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  1. Your 2012 and 2006 cards are the same

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