Kate’s London ~ Mahiki

Today we’re talking about Mahiki, the Polynesian themed bar in Piccadilly, London that used to be a regular haunt of William, Kate, and Harry (Mahiki’s promotions manager, Guy Pelly, is a close friend of Prince William). As you may recall, pictures of Kate were rife in 2006 and 2007 as she entered and exited Mahiki on a regular basis. Since she and William got back together in 2007, however, she was seen out on the town less and less. We certainly haven’t seen a pic of Kate there since the engagement, and don’t expect to see her there again, unless of course it’s a for charity event.

Here’s a picture we took in the last couple of weeks of Mahiki all dressed up for the holidays. You can see the tiki theme underneath the Christmas decorations:

Mahiki is located kitty corner to The Ritz Hotel in Picadilly and is about a 7 minute walk from St James’ Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Clarence House. So, as you can see it’s a prime royal location. The nearest tube stop is Green Park Station.

We’ve been to Mahiki once – we went last December on one of the evenings between Christmas and New Year and it was a fun experience on the ‘London To Do List’. We haven’t been back since (once was enough), but it was  a good time. The space was very crowded with wall to wall people, so we can understand why William and Harry get private tables when they go!

Inside Mahiki

Here’s a picture of William and Kate after leaving Mahiki in 2006:

The weekend that it was announced that William and Kate had broken up in 2007, Kate famously got dressed up, smiled for the cameras, and headed to Mahiki with two friends…here she is leaving her flat that night:

April 2007

A few nights earlier, right before news of the break up got out, William visited Mahiki with friends. It was reported that the royal party stayed for five hours and spend hundreds of pounds on champagne and the famous “Treasure Chest” of Mahiki cocktails.

Mahiki Treasure chest

Later that summer, Kate went to a girlfriend’s stagette at Mahiki. When Kate was asked if it was for her wedding, she cheekily said, ‘Not yet.’ In the picture below, you can see the arches of the The Ritz  Hotel across the street. One night Kate tried to escape the paparazzi by slipping into the Ritz foyer but unfortunately the doors were locked. What with protection officers and all she won’t have that problem anymore!

She dressed down one night that summer in a tank top and jeans for a visit to Mahiki. We love this look! You can see a bit of the entrance here.

Summer 2007

If you’re in London, definitely add a vist at Mahiki to your list, even if it’s just to check out the entrance on your way to Piccadilly Circus or Buckingham Palace!


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  1. Cracks me up that there is a tiki bar there in London. Looks like it could be rather fun – except for the drink prices.

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