Princess Diana’s Jewels: The Sultan of Oman Suite

So we’ve been thinking about Princess Diana’s jewels lately and thought it was about time for another post on the topic. After all, who doesn’t like talking about royal bling?

The focus of our discussion today is the jewels given to Diana by His Majesty The Sultan of Oman. He is pictured betweenthe Prince and Princess of Wales in the image above.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited Oman in November of 1986. The trip was quite a whirlwind for the couple; it also included stops in Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Here’s a quick, interesting clip of the Prince and Princess arriving in separate cars as per custom in the Arab country. Diana’s skirt was considered short for the conservative nation and caused quite a stir:

Here’s a link to a video

The picture below of the Princess talking to female students was taken during a visit to Oman University. She was clearly making an effort to wear conservative clothes that day!

And we love this picture so just had to include it. It must have been sooooo hot there…look at those flushed cheeks.

The generous gift from the Sultan included a modern diamond and sapphire necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings. The sapphires are embedded in the crescent that surrounds the strands of diamonds. In the photograph below, Princess Diana is wearing both the Spencer Tiara and the Sultan of Oman necklace. The blue stones stand out next to the black of the dress.

Diana continued to wear these pieces throughout the years which implies that she genuinely liked them. Here’s a good view of the matching earrings:

The photograph below was taken in October of 1996; Diana was attending the film premiere of the film Haunted.

Here’s a better look at the bracelet:

These pieces certainly aren’t our favourite –  they are just a bit too ’80’s and lack a sense of timelessness – but Diana wore them well. They must be locked away in a vault until the right royal lady comes along to dust them off. We can’t imagine that they’ll be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

What do you think of these pieces? Too modern or just right?


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4 replies

  1. I agree with you: too modern for my tastes. Perhaps one day they will be dismantled and the stone reworked into something with more classic lines.

  2. No not 80’s, just modern with an almost art deco look to them. They are beautiful and unique and I find they stand out from the run of the mill floral, run of the mill jewelery that is more common.

    These are show stoppers, the others, status symbols.

  3. These jewels flatter the natural beauty of Diana, and should be passed on to Kate,
    Prince William’s wife,and mother to the heir to the throne.

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