Rarely Seen Portraits of Princess Diana: Part Two

We hope you enjoyed Part One of Rarely Seen Portraits of Princess Diana.

For Part Two, we’re going to start with this one of Princess Diana with Princes William and Harry. We just recently discovered it for the first time  and love it for all of its soft focus glory…and also because William and Harry aren’t looking to impressed with how they are spending their day:

Now this one by Demarchelier is just so darn cute. Wonder if Prince William actually took a picture? And if so, where is it??

William got in on this portrait, which is more commonly seen:

However, this one  (also by Demarchelier) might just take the cake for that random bale of hay alone:

We’re now going to jump ahead to 1995 for some solo Diana portraits. This next series of photographs was taken by portrait photographer Gemma Levine. As far as we know, this was the only sitting that Princess Diana had with this particular photographer. Do let us know if we are wrong on that.

To begin, we have this shot of Diana in a most interesting jacket. If we could just remove those cuffs, pocket flaps, and lapel this would be So. Much. Better!

The cuffs are much more subtle in this one where the Princess appears to be emerging from the darkness. Most mysterious:

and another one. This dress has quite a daring back for a formal portrait, no? Princess Diana was pushing the envelope a bit here. It looks like her head is suspended in darkness but then her exposed back gives her away:

Let’s end with something FUN. Let’s call this one Sassy Princess in Front of The Royal Tapestries. This portrait was taken by Patrick Demarchelier at Kensington Palace. We wonder when else she brought that gown out?? Can’t really see this one working at Balmoral.

Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourite rare portraits of Princess Diana and the boys! We’re always on the hunt for more.

Have a great weekend!


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