Tiaras Worn in Untraditional Ways: Part Two

We’re all about tiaras this week here at the royal post. Yesterday we had a good look at Queen Victoria’s untraditional way of wearing her sapphire and diamond tiara and today we are skipping ahead to the 1920’s.

During the roaring twenties, tiaras were often worn in an entirely different manner from the norm.  Many ladies shook things up by wearing their tiaras low on the forehead. Bands on the forehead were extremely popular at this time (any flapper costume at Halloween includes one) so ladies with tiaras decided to get in on the act, too. Here are a few prime examples.

To begin, this is Queen Elisabeth of Belgium in a diamond bandeau tiara now worn by Princess Mathilde. Queen Elisabeth’s dress and long pearl necklace really are the epitome of 1920’s fashion, no?

The bandeau tiara that Princess Mathilde wore on her wedding day is a different one than the photograph above, but was also worn by Queen Elisabeth, likely across her forehead. Pity we can’t find a picture to prove it yet…

Back to the low-on-the-forehead tiaras. This is Princess Astrid of Sweden wearing the Nine Provinces tiara. There must have been an elastic attachment around the back of the head to keep it on.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco got in on things as well. She did things a little differently by having her bangs under the tiara.

And of course Elizabeth, Duchess of York (nee Bowes-Lyon) chose this look for a formal portrait wearing the Strathmore rose tiara given by her parents as a wedding gift.

Here she is in another tiara across her forehead. She sure liked this look:

In a way, Princess Diana resurrected this trend by wearing two of her necklaces across her forehead in the ’80’s:

Of course, this wasn’t the first time this look was in style. This portrait of Lucretia Crivelli by Leonardo da Vinci proves it. We hope it comes back…

Part three will be posted tomorrow. See you then!


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6 replies

  1. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon did not wear a tiara to her wedding
    The bride wore a long veil, loaned by Queen Mary, of old point de Flanderes lace, which she wore low over her forehead in 1920’s style. The veil was anchored by a slim wreath of leaves with roses and orange blossoms.[/quote]

    The Strathmore Rose Tiara was a wedding gift from her parents but she did not wear it on her wedding day,

  2. The bandeau tiara you have Queen Elisabeth of Belgium is no the same one you have Crown Princess Mathilde wearing – Queen Elisabeth’s tiara went to King Albert her son, who then gave it to his second wife the Princesse de Rethy and unfortunately has been since sold!


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