The Connaught Diamond Tiara

Last week, we spoke about Princess Anne’s Greek Key Pattern Tiara and since we’ve once again been pretty heavy on the British Royals lately, today we’re featuring a beautiful tiara in the Swedish Royal Family’s collection.

The Connaught Diamond Tiara (also known as the Forget-Me-Not Tiara), is well over one hundred years old. This tiara features five loops of diamond encrusted forget-me-nots.  From each loop hangs a magnificent, detachable diamond drop so this tiara really sparkles whenever the wearer moves. According to one of our favourite books, Tiaras: A History of Splendour by Geoffrey C. Munn, this tiara was made by E. Wolff & Co in 1904. It was purchased by TRH the Duke and Duchess of Connaught as a wedding present for their daughter Princess Margaret of Connaught. Princess Margaret was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria (her father was Victoria and Albert’s third son). She was born in Windsor Castle  in 1882 and married Hereditary Prince Gustav of Sweden on June 15, 1905, which is how the tiara is now in the Swedish Royal Family’s collection.

She liked the tiara so much that she chose it for this portrait:

Sadly, Princess Margaret passed away in 1920 at the young age 38 from an infection following surgery on her ear. She was eight months pregnant with her sixth child at the time.

The tiara then passed onto the her son, Prince Gustav Adolf. When he married Princess Sibylla on October 20 of 1932 she wore the tiara with her wedding veil.

Interesting side note: both Princess Sibylla and Prince Gustav were great grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

Keeping this wedding tradition alive, the tiara was next worn by Princess Christina of Sweden when she married Tord Magnuson in 1974. Don’t just be blinded by the tiara – do check out the groom’s glasses!

Queen Silvia of Sweden was the next to wear the tiara. She didn’t wear the tiara for her 1976 wedding to King Carl Gustav – instead she wore another traditional wedding tiara that we’ll talk about another time – but she has worn it on numerous occasions since.

One more side note: Click here for a refresher on how Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustav met. It’s one of our favourite “chance royal meeting” stories EVER.

Here’s a look at Queen Silvia in the tiara over the years:

Queen Silvia has also lent the tiara to her daughter, Princess Madeleine, who wore it with aplomb for her sister Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding:
Here’s a look at the full ensemble:
And here’s a close up of the tiara. Good thing she had her roots touched up!
Princess Madeleine has also worn the five diamond drops as part of a necklace. Check it out below:
To end, here’s a picture of the King and Queen last weekend. They were in Denmark to join in the celebrations for Queen Margrethe’s Ruby Jubilee and took this tiara with them:
Here’s the Queen’s full outfit. LOVE the jacket:
What do you think of the forget-me-not tiara??

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  1. Love this tiara and love your blog.

  2. Thank goodness she had her roots touched up! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful tiara and princess Victoria looks just like her mom Queen Silvia.

  4. We want to share this on Facebook!

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