The Queen, Hugh Grant, and the Paparazzi

It’s been a big week here at The Royal Post! Thank your for all of your visits, comments, and notes on spelling and punctuation.   Our number one post this was was Tiaras Worn in Untraditional Ways: Part Two. Click here if you missed it.

To round out the week, we have a funny little anecdote from none other than actor Hugh Grant. Back in 2009, he told Access Hollywood,

“I was introduced to The Queen. She was charming and I said — I was a bit drunk – I said, ‘Do you ever get annoyed by paparazzi? Do you ever get tempted to whack them with your bag?’. And she said , ‘No I don’t and don’t tell Harry.’ Because of course, her grandson, Harry, feels the same way as I do about paps and often gives them a whack.”


Have a great weekend!


Categories: British Royal Family, Prince Harry

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  1. Hugh Grant is allowed to say whatever he wants…and I love how the Queen has that royally dry sense of humour! Love your posts this week….off to fetch my tiara….

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