Kate’s Borrowed Jewels Part One: Sapphires & Diamonds

Just for fun, we’ve taken a look at some royal jewels that Kate might one day borrow from the royal collection (check out our post on Diana’s sapphire and pearl choker here). In this four part series, we are going to take a look at the pieces that Kate has borrowed to date. She’s done pretty well in this department in the last year!

#1 Sapphire Engagement Ring

Let’s start at the beginning with Princess Diana’s engagement ring. We are technically calling this a “borrow” because we think it’s safe to say that the ring will continue to stay in the royal family no matter what happens (God forbid anything should happen). After all, as Diana told Andrew Morton while she was cooperating with him on Diana: Her True Story, “the Queen payed for it.”

She also told Morton, “A briefcase comes along on the pretext that Andrew is getting a signet ring for his 21st birthday and along come these sapphires. I mean nuggets! I suppose I chose it, we all chipped in.”

#2 Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Next, we have the sapphire and diamond earrings that we (and many others) suspect were once worn by Diana. Again, these make the “borrowed” category because they are also very likely to stay in the royal family no matter what even though, like the engagement ring, the earrings are Kate’s to wear for life. In the unlikely event the marriage was dissolved (which we obviously hope NEVER happens) that might be another matter… Again, hopefully we will never find out what would happen in that case. The Prince and Princess of Wales’ divorce papers stipulated that Diana had use of her jewels for life so it would probably be the same for Kate.

Check out Diana wearing the earrings in this rare portrait we came across. We hadn’t seen it before:

It’s a bit easier to see them in this later picture:

Looks like they were modified to drops for Kate. It makes sense since they match the engagement ring so nicely. Kate has worn these A LOT already.

This picture was taken at Wimbledon.

She also wore them for the official portrait issued for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s North American Tour. 

And here’s a shot from the tour:

Join us for Part Two tomorrow when we start diving into some more serious pieces!


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5 replies

  1. I believe that ring is now Kate’s. An engagement ring is a gift and if the marriage dissolves, she is entitled to keep the ring. I wouldn’t refer to it as “borrowed”. She now owns it, IMO.

  2. Although it is considred a gift i dont think if the marriage should dissolve that , She should keep the ring it is a part of british history now and it should be returned to William. It is the only right thing to so but whya re we talking about the marriage dissolving??

    • Just hypothetical. I’d be surprised if the marriage ever dissolves.

      The point I was trying to make is that the ring is now Kate’s. It’s not borrowed, despite it’s history. It’s a family heirloom that has been given to her, and so she now owns it.

      That ring isn’t part of the royal jewelry collection. She may someday indeed borrow some tiaras and other jewelry from that collection, just like she borrowed the diamond maple leaf from the Queen for the recent trip to Canada. But that ring is now hers, forever after.


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