Kate’s Borrowed Jewels Part Three: The Shamrock Brooch

We hope this new month is off to a wonderful start for you! If you missed our first two posts on our series on Kate’s Borrowed Jewels, click here and here if you’d like to catch up. Today we are looking at the fourth item Kate has borrowed. It is a rather petite gold shamrock brooch that features an emerald stone in the centre.

This piece is unique in that it isn’t actually owned by the royal family but, as far as our most reliable sources tell us, is owned by the Irish Guards Regiment. They have loaned this brooch to the Queen Mum, Princess Anne, and now Kate for their visits. It is traditionally worn on the wearer’s left side. Ok, so we wonder about the logistics of this…does a messenger go and pick up the brooch the day before the royal engagement? Or does the royal lady put it on right when she arrives? It’s all very curious.

Now we can’t be absolutely sure, but it does look like the Queen Mum has the brooch pinned to her blue jacket on in this picture:

We know that the Queen Mum paid a visit on St. Patrick’s Day for the regiment’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade at the age of 96. What a trooper. Look closely…they are all wearing lots of shamrocks! If she is wearing the brooch in this picture, it’s been covered up by all that greenery.

The Princess Royal is wearing the brooch during a 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Parade visit. You’d think she could have found something green in her closet to wear, no?

However, it looks like some fun was had and she did put on some greenery after all:

Kate is the most recent royal lady to wear this special brooch. The Duke and Duchess visited the regiment in Windsor this past June for a medal presentation ceremony.  This was Prince William’s first visit since becoming the regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief. It was the Irish Guards Mounted Officer’s uniform that Prince William wore on his wedding day (that’s what the fellows in the photograph above are wearing).

Here’s a better look at Kate’s whole ensemble. We talked about it some more in our post on Kate’s Official Engagement Outfits.

Tomorrow we’ll take a good look at the fourth jewel that Kate has borrowed. Hope to see you then…


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