Kate’s Valentine’s Day Charity Work in Liverpool

Today Kate travelled to Liverpool for a round of solo visits. Princess Diana used to call these sorts of days outside of London ‘away days.’ As we know, William is in the midst of a six week stint in the Falklands so working on Valentine’s Day seems like a smart way for Kate to use her time to show she’s a hardworking royal. Even if the date was purely a coincidence, it helps to show that Kate is keen to be productive with our without William there to help. True to form, Kate showed up in coat with reddish tones, likely in a nod to the holiday. More on the clothes later.

First to the work. Kate’s first stop was to the non-alcoholic Brink bar in her capacity as patron for Action on Addiction. She met former addicts and even tried out a specially made drink called The Duchess.

Cute shot of her taking a sip:

Next up were visits to Alder Hey’s Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. At Alder Hey, Kate was greeted by an adorable little girl named Aimee Haswell. Aimee has been treated at the hospital for a congenital heart disease and prior to the visit, Aimee’s mum told The Telegraph how excited she was to be chosen. She said, “Aimee is really excited and is already rehearsing her curtsy. She couldn’t wait to get into school and tell everyone the exciting news! Aimee deserves this more than anyone I can think of. She’s a very strong, brave, happy little girl who has been through so much in her short life.” Aimee couldn’t be cuter:

 On to the clothes! Kate was wearing a belted coat from British retailer Hobbs (we recall reading that she’d bought it on one of her fall shopping trips) that to us has a hint of reddish tones. It is quite similar in style and colour to the coats that Kate wore on her humanitarian visit to Copenhagen with Prince William and for church on Christmas Day.
Here she was today with a valentine and flowers:
And in a different coat on Christmas:
And here she is with Crown Princess Mary in Copenhagan last November, in another long coat:
Side Note: Princess Charlene brought out this colour recently as well. This photo was taken at an engagement on February 1st:
But back to Kate. She must have a part of her closet dedicated to coats in red and burgundy tones! Under the jacket she black dress from high street chain Oasis (as confirmed by Clarence House). She took the jacket off at the hospital which must have been much more comfortable.
She also wore her standard black pumps, black tights, and the Kiki McDonough earrings first worn on Christmas Day. Kate also carried a black clutch bag with a small bow detail. We can’t remember seeing this one before but she sure has a lot of black clutches so we just may have. Gotta wonder why she doesn’t leave it in the car or break out a bag with handles from time to time. Seems like it might be easier to navigate flowers and cards and such that way.
For an extended video from The Telegraph on Kate’s day out, check out this video. It shows unveiling a plaque and chatting with kids. Here’s the link: Duchess-of-Cambridge-visits-Liverpool-on-Valentines-Day.html

Just today it was announced that Kate will be visiting her charity The Art Room a week today on February 21. Yesterday it was also announced that Kate will be joining the Queen and Camilla for a visit to Fortnum and Mason in London’s Picadilly on March 1st. If you’ve never been, add it to your list! We were lucky to do some Christmas shopping there this year. Let’s hope for Kate’s sake that Her Majesty is in a better mood than she was for her and Kate’s visit to the exhibit of Kate’s wedding dress at Buckingham Palace! In any event, it’ll be a nice warm up for the following week, when Kate will join the Queen and Prince Philip for another ‘away day’; a visit to Leicester.

To conclude, all of the plans for this period of time really show how much thought has gone into the strategy of getting Kate familiarized with her place in the royal family. This has been thanks to “lessons learned from the past” as Prince William put it. Princess Diana certainly wasn’t heading off for joint visits with the Queen in her first year  in the family! Well done, Kate and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


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