We have a new future Queen of Europe

There’s a new future Queen of Sweden. She’s the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who you may recall as the fellow who gave that amazing groom speech. It seems she came a bit early since the palace had announced she was due in March. The new Princess’ name is expected to be announced tomorrow by King Carl Gustaf (more on that below), but for now we know she was born at 4:26am Sweden time at a university hospital in a suburb of Stockholm.

According to Prince Daniel, she was about this big:

The Swedish Royal Family’s website explains the traditions surrounding a royal birth. The first is that the Marshall of the Realm notifies the country’s leaders of the birth and then issues a press release.

A statement of witness is drawn up the day after the birth (unless the baby is born on a Saturday, in which case this happens on the Monday). The Speaker, the Prime Minister, the Marshal of the Realm, and the Mistress of the Robes are the witnesses. The statement of witness is signed and sealed by these witnesses.

The day after the birth a Cabinet Meeting is also held and chaired by the King. It is here that he will announce the baby’s name and title. There will also be a thanksgiving service called a Te Deum. Both events will be photographed and issued to the public.

The family is now home. Here they are on their way. This picture was posted on the Swedish Royal Family’s facebook page:

We’ll see you tomorrow with the scoop on the baby’s name, title and all that good stuff. Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel!


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  1. I think press offices routinely give a “late” expected date – to avoid an intrusive baby watch. (Princess Diana was quoted on a walkabout, telling an admirer that her child was due on her birthday, July 1; Prince William arrived June 21.)


  1. The New Future Queen of Sweden’s Name & Title « The Royal Post

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