Kate Makes Her Debut at Madame Tussaud’s

How strange must it be for Kate to now have her likeness in three Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums around the world, with a fourth to follow shortly? I mean, seriously. Maybe in a couple of years she’ll find this sort of thing par for the course, but it must still be a little on the WTF side of things. I am personally much more intrigued to see Kate’s first portrait when it’s unveiled (like, embarrassingly so), but this is interesting, too, if not to just conjecture how odd it must be for her. Her parents and siblings must be having a giggle about it, too. Check out our post on their reactions to the changes they have faced in the last year by clicking here.

In our post on the British Royals at Madame Tussaud’s back in January, we started to conjecture about when Kate’s would be unveiled. To read that post and see pics of other British Royals in wax, click here. Then, it was announced in February that Kate’s waxwork was underway and that she would soon be in four Madame Tussaud’s:  the museum in London where she is wearing the Issa engagement dress, the one in New York where she is wearing the lilac Alexander McQueen gown that she wore to the BAFTA event in Los Angeles, the one in Amsterdam wearing the black lace Temperly dress she wore to the War Horse premiere, and the one in Blackpool wearing the frothy pink Jenny Packham gown she wore in June to the ARK gala. The Blackpool museum will unveil their statue on April 18th and the other three were unveiled today. I wonder why there’s a delay for the Blackpool one…Also, do you think the designers are paid full price for the dresses or what? Apparently each model costs 150,000 pounds so the cost of the dress may be included in that price.

Turns out, the museum had originally hoped that they would be able to have the figure of Kate and an update of William ready before the wedding, but the scheduling did not work out. Then, Kate and William had been hoping to do a sitting together but they were not able to find a time that worked, so the sculptors had to work with photographs and measurements that were supplied by the couple’s office. It doesn’t seem that this was very high on their priority list but it’s all worked out.

The Telegraph spoke to the sculptors involved in a preview of the big reveal. Stephen Mansfield was one of the principal sculptors on the project and he gave a bit more background:

“Because the Duchess of Cambridge is being shown on the day of her engagement, I had to convey the warmth of her beaming smile and that expression has to reach right up to her eyes.”

I have to say I think they did an amazing job and they really didn’t cut any corners on Kate’s model. William’s isn’t quite as accurate, but it’s still pretty good. Let’s compare and contrast.

Here’s Kate in the flesh on her engagement day:

And here’s the waxwork in the London museum. If it were just Kate, there, I would think it was actually her. Very impressive:

And here’s Kate making a fantastic entrance to the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July:

And here’s the waxwork. I love that they’ve paid so much attention to the details and to match Kate’s clutch and jewelry. The bracelet looks just like the hers and apparently the model is wearing the same Jimmy Choo shoes that Kate wore that night even though they can’t be seen:

And here we have the real life Kate & William at the War Horse Premiere:

And the wax model version:

This photograph is from Kate’s arrival at the ARK gala last June in London. We’ll update the post once the Blackpool model is unveiled on April 18th:

So, what do you think? Does it look like Kate? Does the William figure look realistic? I think William looks slightly off but they did a great job on Kate right down to her holding a clutch and having her hair done just so. Side Note: apparently each strand of hair is attached one by one. Crazy! Would love to hear your thoughts!


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3 replies

  1. The engagement one is pretty good, though as she wasn’t carrying a clutch that day I don’t get why they put one in her hands. Why not have them with her arm through his as in the photograph? For the other two, the proportions are wrong. On the BAFTA one, she looks squat – not enough neck or her torso is too short, I can’t decide. On the War Horse premier one, her head looks 3 times too big for her body.

  2. Wow the Kate model is sooo like her. I agree with you about William – hard to pin point what it us exactly, but something is not quite right.

    PS this is my first time commenting, but I love this blog! thank you!

  3. I magnified each figure enough to take a closer look and these are my comments.

    The engagement figures were pretty good. They’re both a 9 (out of 10) in my book.

    The BAFTA event I think she is an 8. The mouth/smile is slightly off and her face is too round. His figure I gave a 9 to – something is a little off with his cheeks/mouth.

    The ARK gala – I gave both figures an 8. For her, her smile/mouth is off and again, her face is too round. And his figure, I also graded as an 8. The cheeks & mouth are off again, and it’s a little more noticeable than the BAFTA event figure.

    I also think the heights are a little off. I think they are closer in height in real life than has been attributed to the figures.

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