The Royals Celebrating Easter Part Two

Yesterday we re-capped Princess Beatrice’s trip to York with her grandparents and what that all means. We also took at peak at picture of the Royals at Easter services in Windsor from 1987-1999 (click here if you missed it). Today, we’re jumping into the last eleven years. Here we go!


There was a great turn out for the first Easter of the new millenium. The Queen and Philip were there of course:

And so was the Queen Mum:

Sophie and Edward were well turned out:

Zara’s looking pretty chic here with her brother Peter:


The next year had another good turn out. Love the springy green the Queen chose:

The crew on their way from the Castle (the Queen is driven over):

A closer look:

And to round out the year, here’s a closer look at Zara’s:


There was more sunshine in 2003:

The Queen looked splendid:

Here’s a closer look at Eug and Bea. Beatrice was already into her bold fascinators at this point:


This Easter photograh of the Queen looks like it would be great on a postage stamp, doesn’t it?:

I think this year was an all time best outfit-wise for Anne:

The Countess of Wessex in a fascinator/ headband combo:

And Beatrice brought out some flowers:


Princess Anne wrapped up:


Spring has sprung! The green seemed to be in a jolly mood…

And Sophie brought out this huge rose. The person sitting behind her must not have gotten much of a view:


In 2007, the Queen led the family with lots of roses:

Princess Anne went bright with this yellow number:

And Sophie was looking great in white. Loving this fresh suit:


Autumn and Peter Philips were just a couple of months away from getting married at Windsor when they showed up for the Easter service:

There was a good turn out in 2009 as well:

Anne work chose this fruity basket number that year:

And Sophie brought out a BIG hat. Seriously, she must have a room dedicated to all of them over at their home, Bagshot Park.


This purple outfit screams Easter and spring time:

Princess Beatrice showed up in a hat she brought out again last week for the memorial service for Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. Here she is at Easter:

And here she is last week:

Princess Anne brought out a total Princess Anne outfit:

Tp end, this photo was taken on Easter Sunday 2011, just days before THE wedding.

A best for Eugenie in my opinion:

Heading in:

Love this colour on the Queen:

Happy Easter to you all!


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6 replies

  1. Love all the hats! Zara is my favorite style, especially her hat in 2002. Thanks for pulling all these photos together!

  2. There are some really great looks here. I do like how Sophie’s style has evolved over the years – she looks really fabulous quite often.

    Also, though we’ve seen some nice looks on Princess Anne, it seems that Zara has not inherited her mother’s dress sense. Thank goodness for that! 🙂

  3. I can’t think of a colour that doesn’t look good on the |Queen! She is supreme in her tasteful and eye-catching–in the most dignified way–fashion sense! Happy Easter to them all!

  4. I always love seeing what Zara is wearing – she has such a fantastic sense of style and it’s always fun to see Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats and fascinators! Sophie and her feathery explosions remain a favourite of mine!

  5. Terrific snapshot of Easters past. Interesting to see the evolving fashion of Sophie, Beatrice and Eugenie juxtaposed with the absolutely static fashion of Anne.

    Now HM, well she sets a fashion all her own. And doesn’t she look terrific, again and again and again!

  6. lovely photos! I have a great respect for the Queen and the Royals. Please keep up the great photos! Howard

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