Royal Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, & Page Boys Part Three

In the last of our three part series, we’re jumping around all over the place. Click here for Part One and here for Part Two if you missed ’em. Today we’re jumping in with the York ladies.

Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie 

Princess Beatrice was a flowergirl back in 1991 in this photo which we found posted in a discussion on the Royal Forum’s website. Apparently she couldn’t be convinced to leave her doll behind and took care of it throughout the ceremony.

Princess Eugenie joined Princess Beatrice for this next wedding, which I believe was for their nanny. Love this flower hula hoop tradition. That’s a very technical term, I know.

Lots of Little European Royals

Crown Princess Victoria included three of her royal godchildren (who also happen to be a future King and future Queens) in her June 2010 wedding to Daniel Westling. This made for plenty of great photo opportunities, but this candid shot takes the cake for me:

The little boy to the left is Prince Christian of Denmark. Next to him is Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway and at the end is Princess Catherina Amalia of the Netherlands.

Lady Louise Windsor

Little Lady Louise, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, did a great job at William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011. Love this pic of her with her cousin Prince Harry.

She broke her arm at Windsor this week when she fell of her pony. Hope she’s on the mend and doing well!

Zara Philips

Zara joined Prince William in the wedding party for Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. There she is on Buckingham Palace right in front of the new Duchess of York looking a bit non-plussed by it all. Great face on William, too. Oh, yeah:

Zara also took part in bridesmaid duty for Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. She’s the blondie in the middle. Princess Margaret’s looks like a most dignified and classy Mother of the Bride in behind in her icy blue ensemble:

Love this picture, too even though Zara is obscured behind Lady Sarah:

Zara was a bridesmaid again many years later at her brother Peter’s May 2008 wedding to Autumn Philips. The bridesmaids wore strapless green Vera Wang gowns which featured her tan line, unfortunately. Oh, Zara:

Zara was right in there with her duties, though:

Hello, Harry!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

To round out this post, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is our most recent royal bridesmaid. She did the honours for her close friend Natalie Rosta in August of 2011. Natalie and introduced Madeleine to her now ex-fiance, Jonas Bergstrom. As you may recall, there was a bit of a to do when they called off their engagement. Anyhow, Madeleine attended this wedding with her current boyfriend, Chris O’Neill. Jonas was there with his new girlfriend as well, so the event got some coverage in the press in case there was any drama (there wasn’t).

Smiling in the rain:

Madeleine on train duty. Looks like she’s got a pair of gold, strappy Manolo’s on:

Any favourites of all of these?? My vote goes to William at the York’s wedding…


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2 replies

  1. I love this! I didn’t realise that Zara was in the York wedding and I LOVE Lady Sarah’s white bridesmaids dress theme.

  2. Beatrice looks so sweet lugging her favorite dolly to the wedding! How cute is that? 😀

    I must say that I am not fond of the strapless dresses at Autumn and Peter’s wedding – even if they are Vera Wangs. The bodices look as if they were about to fall down. It would have been so much nice to see matching little jackets on these dresses.

    I do like the nicer strapless dresses for the wedding party that Princess Madeleine was part of.

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