Kate & William’s outings in London

For the past couple of days, Kate and William have been in residence at their London base, Nottingham Cottage. They have been in town to undertake a string of joint engagements, their first since before William headed off to the Faulklands.

Their first engagement was to the premier of Disney’s African Cats, which was a fundraiser in support of the Tusk Trust. Prince William is Patron of the Trust which seeks  “to deliver effective protection for Africa’s wildlife and natural heritage in conjunction with sustainable development and environmental education programmes designed to help alleviate poverty amongst rural communities.”

It was a rainy arrival, but William was on it with that umbrella. He kept it nice and high so the photographers could get lots of pictures. Well done!

As you can see, Kate showed up in a peplum dress by British designer Matthew Williamson. I can’t recall her wearing Mathew Wiliamson on any other occasion; it’s nice to see her in a new (for her) designer. This dress has a very similar silhouette to the LK Bennet outfit she wore for her trip to Leicester with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. I like the beading and exposed zipper in the back. I’m thinking she chose this dress for the event because the beading is slightly African inspired…It’s a bit of a departure for Kate.

Also – just me or doe she look like she has a bit of a spray tan situation going on? As far as I’m concerned, this is another hint that they are jetting off for a bit of an anniversary beach vacation any minute now. Hint number two was the tweets last weekend that Kate bought a bikini at Bicester Village. Another holiday after their ski trip earlier this month might be a bit much, but we shall see.

As you can see, there were some Cub Scouts at the premiere and Kate stopped to chat. She is a volunteer for the Scouts in Anglesey, but her sessions have been kept private so far.

Receiving flowers that match the poster:

Next up, William and Kate went to Goldsmith Hall for a reception that marked the centenerary of  help celebrate the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole. The reception was in support of the Royal British Legion.

Kate wore a cute Rebecca Taylor skirt suit (love Rebecca Taylor!) and accessorized with a poppy brooch, which can be purchased here. This Crystal Buckley Poppy brooch costs 15 pounds and raises money for the Royal British Legion. Kate’s good about being on top of these sort of things; she also wore a fundraiser bracelet in support of EACH when she opened children’s hospice The Treehouse. Click here to check it out. It might just be her staff, but I get the feeling Kate does a lot of independent research for her engagements and I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought of it herself.

During the reception, William held a three week old baby which of course sparked a lot of conversation.

Check out a video of this moment from The Telegraph by clicking here. It’s quite cute, actually.

Finally, Kate and William went home to change and then turned out to the Imperial War Museum where they helped to kick off the museum’s campaign to raise money for improvements to the museum.

Kate wore the Oatmeal version of this dress when she and William went to the Royal Marsden Hospital back in September. As we reported then, Amanda Wakely revealed that Kate had bought the dress in three colours. This is the gunmetal version, and she added a very cool belt to it. This is my fave outfit of the three. she looks so young and contemporary – and the half up style is a nice change. Love the gold earrings, too.

Here’s the dress in oatmeal. It looks a bit blah…the belt adds SO MUCH, eh?

During the reception, Prince William gave a speech where he said:

“Every exhibit, every display, every tank, aircraft and medal in its case, speaks to us of sacrifice, of the facing down of evil, of freedom bought and preserved – for us – at unimaginable cost in human lives and suffering.

It’s a message of reflection and remembrance, but it is also one of pride. In the course of the 20th century our nation, with our stalwart friends and allies from the Commonwealth and elsewhere, safeguarded the freedom of the world. It is as simple as that.

The Imperial War Museum is here to remind us of this unassailable truth.”

Sounds like they were all very successful events. Our next post will be Part Two of our reminiscences of the Royal Wedding. See you then…


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2 replies

  1. Such an informative post – I like the way you add substance and message.
    Your Royal Post is much more than celebrity info…but the insight into wardrobe choices is fascinating!

  2. For a 1st year of marriage, it has gone rather well for William and Kate. I think that they have both worked at balancing their responsibilities and they will continue to fine tune things as time goes on.

    Kate appears to buy clothing well ahead of when she needs it. It could be that she bought the bikini because she liked it and no imminent sunny vacation has been planned. However, even if William and Kate do go off on vacation relatively soon, it’s not a patch on William’s cousin, Beatrice. Beatrice, who has no job, has found the time to take a vacation a month since the beginning of the year: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/314583/Free-bea-s-four-breaks-Princess-Beatrice-and-her-four-breaks-away-despite-being-jobless-Princess-Beatrice-and-her-four-breaks-away-despite-being-jobless

    Anyway, I like William and Kate very much, but I don’t have blinders on about them. I know there are some very judgmental folks out there that have some very critical comments about William and Kate (particularly Kate). Some spend an inordinate amount of time and energy deriding them for what they do, and you wonder why they invest so much time and (negative) energy doing so.

    Oops got a little off topic there. Sorry. 🙂

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