Let’s Reminisce: Favourite Kate & William Wedding Moments Part Three

So, tomorrow is William and Kate’s one year anniversary and we’re just in time with the final part of this nostalgic blog party all about their wedding. Click here for Part One and here for Part Two if you missed ’em. Today’s post is all about the Buckingham Palace receptions and beyond.

Right before the balcony appearance, photographs were taken of the bridal party and the groom and bride’s families.The Little Blonde Dude we talked about yesterday is what we love most about this picture. He just wanted to make sure he was in the frame and to get up close and personal with Kate – and he was!

Also, it was the closest we got to this delightful and relaxed photo from Charles and Diana’s wedding when everyone collapsed in a heap:

So while all this was going on, the people lining the streets were able to walk down The Mall towards the Palace so they could watch the balcony appearance and get a good look at the Fly Past. The police had this all planned out and let people onto the street in an organized fashion.

This police officer got into the spirit of things and made it fun:

The crowd loved it:

Check out this video to see his swagger and hear the crowd. It’s just 24 seconds and will make you smile:

Next awesome moment: when Kate said “wow” stepping out onto the balcony. Yeah, it must have been quite the WOW. That is at the nine second mark of this video:

Then all eyes were on Grace van Cutsem, the grumpy flower girl who was having none of it and hated all the noise. She was hilarious; even Kate couldn’t cheer her up. More on her later…

A sweet moment as they headed in and we finally got to see more of the bustle and back detailing on Kate’s dress. The veil was lovely, it’s just too bad it obscured all that detail work:

And taking it all in one more time:

 Then, the couple received their guests. Love this insight into the receiving line. That must have been seriously exhausting…and people probably starting “M’am’ing” and “Your Royal Highness-ing” Kate at this point for the first time:

Looks like William led the charge down the line:

Then, after some cake and a lovely toast from Prince Charles, the couple headed back to Clarence House.  This was such a fun surprise. Kate & William left Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ Aston Martin, which he has owned since 1969. I’d fallen asleep right before this happened so it was a treat to wake up to.

Apparently in the midst of all the excitement William forgot to take off the hand break which made it a wee bit difficult to drive:

Here’s a youtube video of the departure from the gates:

At this point William and Kate had some time to chill out and watch some of the wedding coverage before heading out to their evening reception for their closest family and friends. They left Clarence House with Prince Charles and Camilla and we got to see Kate’s second wedding dress, also by Sarah Burton:

The best part was when William said what we all were thinking and mimicked Grace covering her ears on the balcony:

Check it out for yourself here:

Meanwhile, the Middleton’s were leaving The Goring where they had hosted some friends who were not able to be included in the Buckingham Palace ‘do.

Here’s Pippa in Temperley, which Lindsay Lohan later copied (check out our post on royal copycats here):

And Carole Middleton also in Temperley:

Little tidbits have trickled out about the reception, like Kate’s dad referencing the time William landed a helicopter in their backyard and that fireworks were set off in the courtyard before William and Kate made their exit. Harry apparently was the emcee and kept the party going until late into the night. Here he is leaving with some fellow revellers:

The next morning, photographs were released of the couple heading out in a helicopter to an undisclosed location, which turned out to be their cottage in Anglesey:

Kate with next day hair! It still looks great:

The Middletons also left The Goring and headed back home:
And, to end, after all that Kate was spotted picking up groceries in Wales just a couple of days later:
And Dad Michael Middleton did a spot of gardening:
Well, it has been a lot of fun to relive it all! Thank you for joining our little party and for your comments. Happy Anniversary to Wills & Kate.

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3 replies

  1. Love this – thanks! I think it was in the last post you explained that Tom Pettifer is the blonde boy and that he’s the son of Tiggy Legge-Burke. I remember how she William and Harry’s nanny in days gone by. Good memories!

  2. Lovely memories. Can’t believe it was a year ago. Thank you for bringing us back there again. Wonderful job.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful posts on Kate and William’s big day – hard to believe it’s been a year since then! Such great memories of a truly historic (and romantic) celebration!

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