Favourite Kate Candids: The University Years

Last week, we reminisced about the Wedding of the Century. We’re keeping on with Kate this week by going through a few of our favourite photos of her during her time at St. Andrew’s University. Bear in mind that this is someone who knows she’s being photographed every second when in public so it’s fun to see her in the pre-paprazzi days. An upcoming post will review her London working girl years when she was followed constantly.

Even though this is technically about the university years, let’s start with this high school yearbook snapshot:

Not sure when this was taken but it must have been either high school or very early on at St. Andrew’s

I must admit, I had that same winter white sweater, which I wore in my early days at University, too. It was from GAP and had a slightly scratchy texture. These next few photos were taken in Kate’s residence, St. Salvator’s Hall.

Yep, my sweater was definitely the same:

Just might have had that same pink sweater, too (also from GAP). Looks like a fun dinner gathering:

Love this group shot of the students who lived in St. Salvator’s – and the helpful bubbles that show us Will and Kate.

And..onto THAT charitable fashion show. This was one of the many outfits that Kate modelled:

And another one:

And Another:

And the most famous of them all:

This photo was taken in the spring of their second year and is one of the first pictures taken of them together by a roving photographer/ paparazzo. So this is what Kate’s hair looks like when there isn’t a hairdryer involved. Looks cute!

At a house party:

Riding around on her bike:

And finally…graduation!!

The Middletons released this picture after the engagement was announced. It looks like a fun little garden party to celebrate graduation.


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2 replies

  1. Wonderful photos. I adore her ladylike style, I see that she grew into it just like I did.

  2. I’ve seen some of these before, but there’s a couple that I haven’t. Thanks for the post, it was quite interesting. 🙂

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