The Danish Emerald Parure

Happy May everyone!

We thought we would highlight some emerald tiaras and parures as May’s birthstone is the emerald, so here’s our first in a series:

The Danish Emerald Parure Tiara

HM Queen Margarethe

This parure was commissioned in 1840 for Queen Caroline Amalie, the wife and consort of King Christian VIII of Denmark, on the occasion of their 25th silver wedding anniversary. It is part of Denmark’s Crown Jewels, and as such is not allowed to leave Denmark, and it can only be worn by the Queen. It was made by C.M. Weisshaupt in 1840. The parure consists of emeralds and brilliant diamonds in a tiara, necklace, brooch and earrings. The necklace can also be taken apart into three brooches, or used as pendant. It consists of 67 emeralds and 2,650 diamonds.

There is a great deal of history associated with this parure, which isn’t surprising given that it is part of the Crown Jewels. The emeralds came from two sources – part were from Princess Charlotte of Denmark, the sister of King Christian VI, and the other (and larger) emeralds were a gift from King Christian VI to his wife Queen Sophie Magdalene upon the birth of the Crown Prince (the future Frederick V) in 1723. These emeralds were put together with diamonds that already were owned by the Royal Family when the parure was commissioned in 1840.

A quick little info on the Crown Jewels of Denmark. They were started when Queen Sophie Magdalene left some of her jewelry for the use of future queens of Denmark in her will, and the collection has been added to ever since. In 1914 Queen Alexandrine had them sent to Rosenborg Castle, and they are now on public display, but available for sole use by the current Queen at her pleasure.

The Queens who have worn the Danish Emerald Parure are:
1. Queen Caroline Amalie of Denmark
2. Queen Louise of Denmark
3. Queen Louise of Denmark
4. Queen Alexandrine of Denmark
5. Queen Ingrid of Denmark
6. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

HM Queen Margarethe wearing the Emerald Parure at a Formal Dinner at Christiansborg Palace in May 2004 in honour of the upcoming wedding of her son Crown Prince Frederick to Mary Donaldson (now Crown Princess Mary of Denmark). That’s quite the dress!

Here’s some photos of Queen Ingrid wearing the Danish Emerald Parure

HM Queen Margarethe – definitely a favourite parure. She has worn it many times throughout the years

Next up, an emerald tiara worn by HM Queen Margarethe’s sister, HM Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, the Greek Emerald Parure Tiara!

What do you think of the Danish Emerald Parure?


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3 replies

  1. Love your comment on Queen Magarethe’s dress with the whatever you might call it multi-green coloured sleeves. Yes, it’s quite the dress! Or quite the sleeves.

  2. I think this parure is spectacular. I can only imagine how beautiful it will look on Mary when she is queen.

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