Princess Estelle of Sweden’s Christening

On May 22, Princess Estelle of Sweden was christened at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. This was heralded as the biggest royal event in Sweden since her parent’s (Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel) wedding back in June of 2010. The service was broadcast live in Sweden, and the streets outside the chapel were filled with people hoping to catch a glimpse of baby Estelle:

Shortly after Princess Estelle was born, we took a look at the Swedish Royal Family’s christening traditions and unearthed a few adorable snapshots of christenings past. Click here if you missed that post As per tradition, the Royal Family’s silver baptismal font was used. It was commissioned in 1696 and took eleven years to complete. Before Princess Estelle’s christening, the last time this font was used was for Princess Madeleine’s christening in 1982. We can get a glimpse of it in this photograph below:

As well, Princess Estelle wore the same gown that has been in use by the Royal Family since 1906:

Here’s baby Princess Victoria in the gown in 1977:

The best part of this christening to me was seeing Princess Estelle wearing the Order of the Seraphim.

Adorable! She is the first royal infant to have been awarded the order since her grandfather King Carl Gustaf was at his christening in 1946. Here’s the then Prince Carl on his christening day…look closely to see the ribbon of the Order attached to his gown:

According to the Swedish Royal Family’s official website, the Order of the Seraphim is a Swedish Royal Order of Chivalry that dates back to 1748. It is awarded to members of the Swedish Royal Family as well as to foreign heads of state, or to people of comparable rank. The website also states that:

A Knight or Member should submit proposals regarding his Seraphim arms and a motto to the armorial painter to the Royal Orders.

On the death of a Knight or Member of the Order, his (her) coat of arms, designed in accordance with the above, will be mounted in Riddarholmen Church on the occasion of the funeral of the deceased Knight or Member.

The bells are tolled at Riddarholmen Church on the occasion of the funeral of a deceased Knight or Member.

Interesting…here is Princess Estelle’s Coat of Arms:

Prinsessan Estelle vapen.svg

Princess Victoria was wearing her Order of the Seraphim, and it appeared that a several other royal attendees were wearing their Orders for the occasion as well. The King and Queen were both wearing the Order:

As was Princess Madeleine:

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway was also wearing the Order. He’s pictured below on the far right with Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on the far left (who was granted the Order of the Seraphim back in 2006; maybe he forgot to pack it?) and Crown Princes Mary of Denmark in the middle. These three Royals were all named godparents, just as we guessed they would back in February:

Here’s a closer shot of Mary and Haakon:

Prince Carl Philip (also wearing the Order) and Anna Westling Soderstrom (Prince Daniel’s sister) were also named godparents:

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium were also there… and that is another Order of the Seraphim we spy. Prince Philippe was granted the Order in 2001:

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, pictured here with Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Madeleine, looked divine in red:

On that note, we’ll leave you with this final picture of the future Queen of Sweden taken during the service:

Any thoughts on this delightful Royal occasion?


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5 replies

  1. Sweet post, love it.

  2. Love that last sweet picture…it seems that her Daddy had care and custody of the pacifier during the service. He brought it out for her for a few moments and then put it carefully away just before the end of the service. Cute! 😀

    • I managed to find the full christening on You Tube – though there was a language issue, I’m Anglican and easily understood the service. I guess Victoria couldn’t carry a purse with her and Daniel kept the pacifier in his pocket. I agree it was really cute when it brought it out when she was starting to fuss. Estelle is so cute – it was nice to see pictures of her on Victoria’s 35th birthday celebrations.


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