Princess Alexandra of Denmark’s Wedding Dress

There is a whole lot going on with our British Royals, what with the annual Order of the Garter ceremony taking place yesterday and Ascot getting started off today. We’ll jump back to the goings on in England soon enough, but we’re going to take a wee break today to spend more time with the Danish Royals . As you may have been able to tell, I’m going through a bit of a Danish phase at the moment and feel like chatting about Princess Alexandra of Denmark’s two wedding gowns, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Let’s start with Alexandra’s first gown, from when she married Prince Joachim of Denmark on November 18, 1995.

She had only met the prince in the fall of 1994, so it was quite a whirlwind. As we discussed in our post on her engagement ring, the engagement was announced in May of 1995, so there was a good six months of planning for the wedding.

For her dress, Alexandra chose Danish designer Jorgen Bender. In much the same way that Norman Hartnell was the go-to designer for the Royal ladies for several decades, Jorgen fulfilled that role for the Danish royals. After all, he designed the then Crown Princess Margrethe’s dress  for her 1967 wedding to Count Henri de Labordre de Monpezat as well as many gala dresses up until his death in 1999. (Side Note: He also designed Queen Anne-Marie of Greece’s gown in 1964. Not a bad resume!)

Here’s Crown Princess Margarethe in her lovely wedding gown, which had one heck of a train:

The dress he designed for the future Princess Alexandra shared some of the same details; the long sleeves, full skirt, and another generous train.

This is Jorgen himself, in front of Princes Alexandra’s gown. After the wedding, it went on display at Amelienborg Palace.

Princess Alexandra’s gown was made of silk and featured over 8,000 pearls.The train was about 12 feet long:

On her head, the Princess wore the Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara. So, yeah, it seems they picked a tiara based on the new Princess’ name. Cute. This tiara dates back to the early 1900’s when it was made for Queen Alexandrine of Denmark. As you can see, it features a whole lot of dangling diamonds for extra sparkly effect:

Nice shot of the princess and her dad – and that tiara. Remember we were just out of the ’80’s at this point so I think she did quite well:

To me, this wedding dress bears quite a resemblance to Princess Margaret’s, what with the neckline and full skirt:

Even the veils were very similar:

Yay? Nay? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Love this candid shot from the reception (and another chance to compare those two veils). That’s Prince Henrik, perhaps tucking away a speech…or really studying the menu:

Afterwards, it was quite the royal party!

And it looks like serious fun was had. Try to count the tiaras and royal orders in this one:

And here they are driving off at the end of the night in the farthest thing from a carriage. Check out those cans!

As we know, the Prince and Princess divorced in 2005  She and Prince Joachim have joint custody of their two sons and was reportedly allowed to keep her diplomatic passport so that she would have the same status as her sons when travelling together.

On March 3, 2007, Alexandra married Martin Jorgensen. This second wedding dress was designed by Henrik Hviid, who also designed the most recent Danish royal christening gown.

It’s sort of like she borrowed Princess Margaret’s wedding hair this time, no?

Upon her wedding, Alexandra no longer had police protection and was now officially known as Her Excellency the Countess of Frederiksborg. However, she is still included in some royal events, and even showed up this past January to  a gala event in celebration of Queen Margrethe’s 40th Jubilee. And OMG – she was wearing the Alexandrine tiara, so it seems she got to keep that, too! Here she is at that event:

Martin came, too:

Any thoughts?


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7 replies

  1. I definitely thought of Princess Margaret’s wedding dress and veil when I saw this post. The Alexandrine DD tiara is one of my favorites with the twinkling diamonds. A part of me feels sort of surprised she gets to keep it.
    If you ever get a chance to do a wedding cake post, I think that would be fun. I am also fascinated by Crown Princess Mary and would love to read more about her. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts…it will be interesting to see if that tiara makes some more appearances!

      Love the idea about the wedding cake post and I’ve got a Princess Mary one underway. Hope to have it up before too long!

  2. I think perhaps you meant “She had only met the prince in the fall of 1994” not 2004? Very interesting blog!

  3. I love the tiara, but it seems too small for her head. Or is that too small for her hair? I am very glad that they dealt with the divorce in such a graceful and generous way. Too bad the British couldn’t be more like this towards Diana.

  4. She actually refused to giva back the tiara and kept it. Since then Queen no longer gives tiaras, so Marie´s tiara is just borrowed to her.


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